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Mugifuji Pork - The Wagyu of Pork

We introduced Washugyu (Wagyu beef) that we offer a few months ago, but did you know that we also offer Mugifuji Pork, also known as the Wagyu of pork between some people? It's very tender, and easy to cook, as what we offer are thin-sliced and ground ones. This week, we will introduce the characteristics about Mugifuji pork, and some recipes using it. (Recipes will be in the next blog). Eating pork doesn't seem as common here compared with Japan, but it is high in protein and rich in many vitamins, minerals, and iron. It's essential for blood cell formation and brain function. We hope this newsletter will change some of your impressions to pork!

These are the frozen pork & beef that we offer!

Top Left: Washugyu Beef Kiriotoshi

Top Right: Washugyu Beef Chuck Roll Slice

Middle Left: Mugifuji Pork Belly

Middle Right: Mugifuji Pork Loin

Bottom Left: Mugifuji Ground Pork

Bottom Right: Mugifuji Pork Kiriotoshi


What's Mugifuji Pork? Mugifuji pork is from a country with large fertile land and clear water, Canada. Pigs, the raw material of Mugifuji pork, are grown carefully in these wilderness areas of Canada. It's a refined flavored pork brought by fine, juicy, soft red meat and fat rich in sweetness. The farmers are responsible for the high quality cereal feed of Canada and the most advanced selection and breeding technology. Their exceptional pork products with unique characteristics offer customers a unique experience, the best Quebec has to offer. Many factors influence meat quality such as: genetics, diet, stress, and slaughter methods. Genetics Female (Large white x Landrace) X Male (5th generation Duroc) = Mugifuji hog. It develops to yield fattier pigs with a high marbling score. Diet A healthy diet of different grains (barley minimum 17%, wheat 15%, corn 40%, soy 10%), free of Ractopamine and meat and bone meal. Their meat is redder and their fat is whiter. Stress Farms are close to the plant, methods of transportation reduce animal stress, animals have a longer rest period prior to slaughter.

Pork Belly Pork belly has a layered structure of red meat and fat. The texture is coarse but soft, rich, and delicious. Bacon comes from this part of the pig.

Pork Loin Sites on both sides of the spine from behind the shoulders to near the waist. The texture is fine and soft, with a good balance of redness and fat, and it tastes delicious.

Ground Pork Ground pork is usually made from pork shoulder or pork butt, and sometimes includes trimmed ends of the loin. It's somewhat similar to inside a sausage, but as it's plain and unseasoned, you can cook it with your favorite seasoning to make different flavors.

Pork Kiriotoshi Kiriotoshi means cut-off; the thickness of the meat is the same, but each piece of meat is cut in a different shape, as it's usually the edge of the block. Since the meat is not shaped the same, the price is more reasonable compared to other products.


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Happy shopping. :)

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