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(Recipe) Giant Yakisoba Omelette

Yakisoba is a very popular dish at Maido's restaurant, but this is a meal that takes it even further by wrapping it in an omelette. This is an izakaya Japanese pub-style meal you can make on a griddle at home that both children and adults love and that everyone gets excited to try.

Ingredients (3-5 servings):

3 servings of yakisoba noodles

1/4 of cabbage

3.5 oz./100 g of bunashimeji beech mushroom

1 onion

8.8 oz./250 g of bean sprouts

1/2 carrot

8.8 oz./250 g of pork belly

5 eggs

2 tbsp of katakuriko potato starch


Appropriate amount of yakisoba sauce/powder

Appropriate amount of okonomi-yaki sauce

Appropriate amount of mayonnaise

Appropriate amount of aonori seaweed

Appropriate amount of bonito flakes

Benishoga red pickled ginger to your liking

Salt and pepper to your liking

Frozen Yakisoba Noodles with Seasonings

Large Brown Grade A Jidori Eggs


1. Make yakisoba noodles on a griddle. (Follow the directions on a package of yakisoba.) If you wash noodles in a colander beforehand, they will be easier to loosen.

2. Mix the beaten eggs with katakuriko potato starch. This will prevent the eggs from breaking.

3. Move the yakisoba noodles to the edge of the griddle, and cook the eggs on the entire free space to make an omelette.

4. Place the yakisoba noodles on the opposite end, on top of the omelette.

5. Use two spatulas to cover the yakisoba noodles with the omelette.

6. Bring it to the center and top with the sauce ingredients. It is ready!


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