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Tonjiru Recipe

Ingredients (2 servings):

1.4 oz. / 40 g of pork belly

1.4 oz. / 40 g of daikon radish (icho cut)

0.7 oz. / 20 g of carrot (icho cut)

2.1 oz. / 60 g of gobo burdock (sasagaki cut)

2.1 oz. / 60 g of satoimo taro (icho cut)

1.2 oz. / 35 g of Tokyo negi leek (diagonal slices)

1.2 oz. / 35 g of drained konnyaku noodles (photo in this recipe shows regular konnyaku)

1/2 tablespoon of sesame oil

2 tablespoons miso

13.5 fl. oz. / 400 cc of water

1 tsp of dashi soup stock

How to cut the ingredients:

Pork Belly

Daikon Radish


Gobo Burdock

Satoimo Taro

Tokyo Negi Leek

Bunashimeji Mushroom


  • Any type of miso is good, but if you use awase miso, you can enjoy the sweet and mild taste. Also, ones that contain a lot of barley and koji go well with the richness of pork.

  • You can replace satoimo taro with potato or sweet potato.

  • There are so many more options for the ingredients including tofu, aburaage deep fried tofu, onion, moyashi bean sprout, renkon lotus root, hakusai napa cabbage, and kimchee. Basically, you can add whatever you want to add!

  • You can use other types of oil, but sesame oil is most recommended for the rich nutty and earthy aroma and flavor that cannot be created by any other oil.

What we offer:

Mugifuji Pork Belly

Gobo Burdock

Dikon Radish

Satoimo Taro

Tokyo Negi Leek

Zakkoku Konnyaku Noodles

Sesame Oil


Dashi Soup Stock


1. Put sesame oil in a pan and saute gobo burdock over high heat. When fragrant, add daikon radish, carrot, satoimo taro, and pork belly, and saute.

2. Add water and dashi soup stock and bring to a boil, then add konnyaku noodles and Tokyo negi leek and cook further.

3. When the ingredients get soft, add bunashimeji mushrooms. When cooked, dissolve miso in the soup and it is ready to serve!

New Discovery! Extra Seasonings That Go Well with Tonjiru

Tonjiru is delicious eaten as is, but you can also enjoy it by adding extra seasonings. Here we introduce some ingredients that go perfectly with it. We hope you will discover your new favorite taste!


Ginger goes well with miso. It enriches the flavor of tonjiru. It warms up your body from the inside.


It is recommended for those who like a punchy taste! It gives the soup a richer, deeper flavor and makes you feel more satisfied.


You may be surprised to know that miso and milk also go well together. Adding a little bit of milk gives the tonjiru a creamy, slightly Western taste. Give it a try!


Butter is a standard topping for miso ramen in Japan. Of course, it goes well with tonjiru as well. The flavor of butter makes it rich and mellow. We recommend adding a little bit of milk and a little bit of butter to your tonjiru.

Shichimi (Seven Kinds of Peppers)

If you like to add some spiciness to your tonjiru, shichimi is what you can add. It is a common Japanese spice mixture containing seven ingredients. S&B's shichimi includes red chili pepper, black sesame seed, orange peel, sansho pepper, heat treated hemp seed, heat treated poppy seed, and aonori seaweed.

In the next newsletter, we will share how nutritious tonjiru is. Stay tuned!


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