Summer Vegetable Agedashi

Maybe you’ve heard of agedashi tofu-- a dish popular in izakaya and Japanese restaurants. Agedashi tofu features a deep-fried tofu soaked in a delicious, delicate dashi broth, topped with grated daikon, scallion, and bonito flakes. Agedashi eggplant is a dish in the same vein, but with succulent deep-fried eggplant instead of tofu. The eggplant does a wonderful job of not only absorbing the flavor of the oil, but also the taste of dashi it’s soaked in, making it soft and savory with a fatty edge to smooth out the texture. A perfect use for a summer eggplant harvest, this dish is fairly simple and it’s tasty results will have you returning to it over and over. Although this recipe is written for eggplant, it also works well with other deep-fried summer vegetables, such as zucchini and shishito pepper! Try it using our fresh summer vegetables, all organically grown in Delaware at Suzuki Farm, found in our produce section!

Agedashi Summer Eggplant

Prep time:15 minutes (not including eggplant soaking time)

Cook time:15 minutes

Total time:1 hour, 30 minutes