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Shaved Ice at Home!

Shaved ice is always amazing for the hot summer days! We've got a few kinds of Japanese shaved ice syrups in stock. They can be used in many other ways as well!

Have you ever wanted to eat shaved ice at home? However, you can't make shaved ice if you don't have a shaved ice machine at home? Don't worry, we will introduce how to make shaved ice without a machine.

Nakamura Shoten, Kori Mitsu Momo Peach Shaved Ice Syrup, 6.6 floz.

This peach shaved ice syrup contains some honey. 43% of the syrup is peach puree from Yamanashi prefecture, which is famous for peaches and some other fruits!

It's good with some milk or ice cream as well!

Nakamura Shoten, Kori Mitsu Matcha Shaved Ice Syrup, 6.6 oz.

This matcha syrup contains some honey as well. It has Uji matcha from Morihan, a famous matcha brand/store in Japan.

It's also good with some milk or ice cream!

Hata, Kori Mitsu Strawberry Shaved Ice Syrup, 6.3 floz.

Strawberry flavor is enjoyed with condensed milk by a lot of people in Japan! You'll love it. (We don't offer condensed milk at Maido).

Hata, Kori Mitsu Melon Shaved Ice Syrup, 6.3 floz.

Melon is one of the most common flavors in Japan. Both the color and flavor are very refreshing! You'll feel cool just looking at it!

How to Make Shaved Ice at Home

Shaved Ice Made with a Knife

What You Need for 1 Serving

  • 300ml / 10 floz of water

  • 45g / 1.5 oz of sugar

  • syrup of your choice

  • deep food container


1. Boil the water.

2. When it boils, put the sugar in it.

3. Put the sugar water in the food container, wrap a towel around it, and freeze it in the freezer for a day.

(By wrapping a towel around the container, it takes longer the water to become the ice, which helps the ice to be made with less air inside).

4. Remove the ice from the container, and shave it with a knife.

5. Pour the syrup over it.

Shaved Ice (Crushed Ice) Made in a Ziploc Bag

What You Need for 1 Serving

  • 200ml / 6.8 floz of water

  • syrup of your choice

  • ziploc bag


1. Mix the water and syrup, put it in a ziploc bag, and freeze it in the freezer for 3 hours.

2. Remove it from the freezer, and crush it into small pieces with a rolling pin or the bottom of a plastic bottle (with the drink inside) with the zipper closed.

Serve it in a bowl.

Shaved Ice Made with Milk

What You Need for 1 Serving

  • 250ml / 8 floz of milk

  • syrup of your choice

  • grater


1. Freeze the whole milk carton overnight.

2. Remove it from the freezer, and leave it for 3 minutes to melt a bit.

3. Open the top of the milk carton, and use a grater to shave the frozen milk while holding the carton.

If you have any questions about our item(s), or you want us to write about any particular item(s), please email us to We always appreciate your opinions and requests! See you next time. :)


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