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Deuxer Hair Wax

Updated: Feb 26, 2020

New in our personal care department is No. 003 brand’s Deuxer Hair Wax line! One of the most popular and best selling brands of hair wax in Japan, we now have Deuxer wax in 7 varieties. Deuxer is a fiber wax that works to combine a smooth application with a long, all day hold. The waxes are rated 1 through 6 in terms of the strength and holding power with additional options for higher smoothness or a glossy finish. The most unique feature of the wax is its use of macadamia nut butter, which keeps hair feeling light even once it has been absorbed. Currently we are only carrying strengths 3 through 6, but that still covers a wide variety of styling options. Use the following list to find out which wax is right for you!

3 Medium Soft Wax: This is a medium hold wax designed for creating light, airy looks with lots of movement. The 3s features additional smoothness, making it ideal for use in longer hair styles.

4 Medium Hard Wax: This medium hold wax provides a stronger setting action than the 3 while still allowing hair to have naturalistic movements once styled. It is perfect for creating separation and texture in shorter to medium length styles.

5 Hard Wax: This wax features a strong hold while still creating lift and naturalistic movement. It’s strength allows for daring styles with dramatic tufting and defined edges by lifting hair by the roots. Try the 5s variety for creating lift in longer styles.

6 Dry Paste Wax: This wax features the strongest hold of the entire Deuxer line. It is strong enough to hold styling all day, but still flexible enough to allow for restyling if you so choose. The typical 6 wax has a dry finish, but if you’re looking to add a bit of shine, try the 6g! The 6g wax has all the strength of the typical 6, but with high gloss finish perfect for a dramatic, slightly wet look.


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