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Mochi Rice Cakes for Japanese New Year

Hello everyone. Last week we talked about Japanese New Year's osechi (our homemade osechi are sold out, but we still have pre-made frozen sets and individual items available at the store), and this week we would like to talk about another essential item for the Japanese New Year: mochi rice cakes.

For many people in the U.S., mochi is often thought of as a rice cake dessert with sweet red bean paste inside. It has been popular at Maido, and it is actually an authentic dessert in Japan. However, for Japanese people, the word mochi generally refers to rice cakes made from unsweetened glutinous rice made by pounding rice into rice cakes.

In Japan, there is a culture of eating mochi during the New Year's holiday, so Maido currently has many packages of mochi in stock for the New Year. We will make homemade mochi from December 26th until 31st as well! Some of you may have seen them at the store but did not buy them because you did not know how to use them.

We will introduce the mochi we sell, the culture and history regarding mochi for New Year, and a mochi dish ozoni through Japan. Here we go!


Mochi Rice Cakes Maido Offers

Taimatsu, Kohaku Red and White Marumochi Round Mochi

Born in Muramatsu, Niigata, a rice-producing region, Taimatsu is a leading company of mochi, sticking to delicious rice, good water, and their original manufacturing method. Their mochi is characterized by its delicious taste, rapid cooling, and two-step pounding process. This product contains equal amounts of red and white round mochi (6 pieces / 180 g each).

Gishi Maehara, Kirimochi Rectangle Mochi

There are various types of glutinous rice with different physical properties such as hardness and stickiness, color, and flavor in production areas throughout Japan. Among them, Gishi Maehara select production areas with priority given to good taste and conclude contracts directly with farmers who can provide a stable supply of rice, enabling us to offer good taste at a reasonable price. These mochi are pounded with a mallet using 100% domestic glutinous rice, a proof of its deliciousness. Each individually packed rice cake is wrapped in a special film that absorbs oxygen to keep it fresh for a long time.

Daishin, Sato no Mochi Rectangle Mochi

This is a pounded rectangle mochi made from 100% carefully selected Japanese glutinous rice. You can enjoy the very authentic flavor, elasticity, and stickiness of mochi. It's filled with the joy of harvest and the heart of the Japanese people. Each package includes eight rectangle mochi.

Sato, Kirimochi Rectangle Mochi in 3 Sizes

Sato is probably the most well-known brand for mochi in Japan. These mochi are made from 100% Japanese glutinous rice. Each mochi is a rectangle that weighs approximately 1.76 oz. / 50 g. Each mochi has slits for easy and clean baking, and splitting it.

Sato, Marumochi Round Mochi

This is the round version of the mochi above. Each mochi weighs approximately 1.16 oz. / 35 g. Each mochi has slits as well.

Sato, Shabushabu Mochi

You can use these thin sliced mochi as a topping for a variety of dishes including ramen for a twist of texture. Each slice weighs approximately 0.42 oz. / 12 g. Each package contains two packs that include six slices each.


Kagami Mochi Rice Cakes Maido Offers

Kagami mochi is a special kind of mochi for the New Year. It usually consists of a round mochi on the bottom, another smaller round mochi on it, then an orange or some other decoration on top sometimes. Traditionally, the kagami mochi is broken and eaten on January 11th.


We offer some types of kagami mochi in limited quantities.

Taimatsu, Okagami Mochi


It's made from 100% Japanese glutinous rice. The mochi is made in the traditional way, shaped as it is. The word "Geishun" (New Year's greetings) is printed on the shihobeni mat to represent the Japanese New Year. You can display it in various places in your house to welcome the New Year's Gods. Decorations include a sanpo base, shohobeni mat, gohei wands, crane mizuhiki decoration, and orange.

Taimatsu, Kagami Mochi Lucky Cat


Made from 100% Japanese glutinous rice, these gorgeous and festive kagami mochi come with a mat and a cute lucky cat figurine. The kind of container they use makes it easy to take out the mochi easily. The mochi is shaped as it is. The lucky cat invites good fortune to you. Two types of cats are available: beckoning cat for good fortune with happiness on the left and the beckoning cat for good luck with money on the right. You can display them together to invite more luck!

Gishi, Simplized Kagami Mochi

This is a simple style kagami mochi with 4 marumochi round mochi inside. It is convenient after opening and cooking.


There is a lot of food items, housewares, stationery, and gifts available at the store and our online store, Maido! Kairashi Shop, where you can place your order for shipping or store pickup! Happy shopping. :)


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