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Japanese Summer Sweets

Do you like Japanese sweets? We recently received some that are perfect for the summer! We will introduce them one by one, but Mizuyoukan, kuzumochi, and warabimochi are enjoyed more by being chilled.

Imuraya, Mizuyoukan Neri in Can, 2.9 oz.

Mizuyoukan is a sweet red bean jelly. This is the Imuraya's signature smooth mizuyoukan in a can! It's made with traditional techniques that bring out the true flavor of sweet red beans.

Imuraya, Mizuyoukan Ogura in Can, 2.9 oz.

It's a flavorful mizuyoukan in a can made from red beans soaked in the special syrup. You can enjoy some whole beans with this kind.

Imuraya, Wagashiya No Mizuyoukan Neri, 2.9 oz.

It's a mizuyoukan wholeheartedly delivered by a Japanese confectionary shop with a smooth texture and less sweetness.

Imuraya, Wagashiya No Mizuyoukan Ogura, 2.9 oz.

It's mizuyoukan with the rich flavor of red beans cooked with amanatto - red beans already cooked and sweetened with sugar.

Imuraya, Wagashiya No Kokuto Warabi Mochi, 2.8 oz.

Warabi mochi is made from starch produced from the bracken root, which gives it a unique jelly-like texture. This kind has a brown sugar-flavor.

Imuraya, Wagashiya No Yuzu Citrus Kuzu Mochi, 2.8 oz.

Kuzumochi has a smooth and silky texture. This kind has a rich flavor of yuzu (Japanese citrus fruit). It's refreshing!

If you have any questions about our item(s), or you want us to write about any particular item(s), please email us to We always appreciate your opinions and requests! See you next time. :)


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