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Health Effects and Benefits of Calpico

Having explained that Calpico is a fermented beverage, here we will discuss the health effects and benefits of it.

Skin beautifying effects

It is said that the intestines are a mirror of the skin, and a disturbed intestinal environment can cause rough skin, acne, and blemishes. Lactobacilli maintain the balance between good and bad bacteria in the intestines and improve the intestinal environment, so a skin beautifying effect can be expected. Among lactic acid bacteria, the lactobacillus helveticus CM4 strain contained in Calpico is particularly effective in improving skin problems. This Lactobacillus helveticus CM4 strain moisturizes the skin and promotes metabolism.

Relief of constipation

Stress and poor diet can cause constipation, and since Calpico contains lactic acid bacteria that can improve the intestinal environment, it can be expected to relieve constipation. In addition, the effect will be enhanced if you take in dietary fiber by eating sweet potatoes, burdock, seaweeds etc. in combination with lactobacilli (Calpico) to relieve constipation.

Relief of atopic dermatitis and hay fever

The intestines are so important that they are called the second brain. 70% of immune functions are controlled by the intestines. Atopy and hay fever are said to be caused by disorders of the immune system. L92-lactobacillus, a type of lactic acid bacteria, can be expected to alleviate these symptoms by regulating immune balance.

Prevention of influenza and colds

When the intestinal environment is regulated by the intestinal regulating action of lactic acid bacteria contained in Calpico, the function of immune cells in the body is improved. Especially, L92-lactobacillus has an effect to enhance immunity and is effective for prevention of influenza and cold. In one experiment, it is reported that when mice were given L92-lactobacilli and then infected with influenza, the proliferation of the virus was suppressed.

Improvement of memory

Calpico contains an amino acid called lactononadecapeptide. This lactononadecapeptide is not easily digested and is carried directly to the intestines. Research has shown that daily consumption improves memory and concentration.

Reduction of blood pressure

High blood pressure is caused by increased blood pulsation due to smoking, exercise habits, stress, aging, and alcohol consumption. Lactotripeptide, discovered in the raw materials of Calpico, has the effect of lowering blood pressure and making hardened blood vessels more elastic.

Relaxation, relief of depression

Calpico is a fermented milk made from twice-fermented lactic acid bacteria and yeast, and its aroma has a relaxing effect and helps regulate the autonomic nervous system. In addition, depression is caused by a decrease in the secretion of serotonin, a type of hormone. If the intestinal environment is regulated by the action of lactic acid bacteria, the amount of serotonin secreted will increase, and depression can also be expected to be eliminated.

Reduction of visceral fat

Increased visceral fat has various adverse effects on the body, such as increased blood glucose levels due to poor insulin function, and increased blood cholesterol and neutral fat. The CP1563 strain of Calpico-derived lactic acid bacteria helps burn off visceral fat, and its intake can be expected to increase fat metabolism and help people lose weight.

Now, you know drinking Calpico is good for you, and you must feel less guilty than drinking regular juice. Although you need to be careful not to drink too much because of the high sugar content, why not start with one glass of Calpico a day to improve your intestinal environment and lead a healthy life?


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