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Grated Daikon Radish Oni Demon Recipe for Setsubun

Grated daikon radish is good for putting in your Setsubun soba, or mixed with soy sauce and dip cooked fish, egg omelet, and so on. Try making this cute oni demon on the side!


Appropriate amount of daikon radish

A small slice of carrot

A small piece of nori seaweed

A little soy sauce

A little bonito flakes

Bonito Flakes


1. Peel and grate the daikon radish.

2. Make 2 horns with the carrot.

3. Roll the grated daikon radish into a ball. Drain water until it gets moist but not watery anymore. If you want to make a body too, roll two balls.

4. Stick the horns into the head. If the grated daikon radish crumbles, try reinforcing it with another grated daikon.

5. Make the cheeks. In a separate small dish, color the grated daikon with soy sauce.

6. Drain the soy sauce-colored grated daikon radish while rolling it.

7. Paste them on the face. If the water is not drained properly, it will smear on the white face. Be careful.

8. Make eyes and mouth with the nori seaweed.

9. Make the hair with bonito flakes. It can easily get scattered all over the place, so be careful.

10. This is a 3D version type with a body.


Drain the grated daikon radish so that it is not soggy. It should not be too dry either, but moist.


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