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Featured: Yamamori Kinoko Shoyu Kamameshi

Yamamori Kinoko Shoyu Kamameshi makes for an easy one-pot dinner, appetizing side dish, and, if you know how to roll it, a no-brainer onigiri. Find it in the back of our dry-good section along with other packaged, low-prep foods and dry ingredients. Kamameshi refers to a type of traditional Japanese rice pilaf. Meat, seafood, and vegetables are cooked with a blend of seasonings (usually soy sauce, sake, and mirin) in a pot of rice and then served all together in a delightful mix. Yamamori Kinoko Shoyu Kamameshi features a blend of authentic Japanese mushrooms, including shiitake, trumpet mushrooms, hen-of-the-woods, and shimeiji, and carrot slices with soy sauce, sugar, and dashi.

The combination of seasonings with mushrooms makes for a dish that is warm, a touch salty, and delightfully savory. The texture of the mushrooms feels perfectly at home with the rice, and the carrots add just a hint of sweetness. Garnish with a pinch of kizami nori to add some color, or just eat it as is! If you happen to have a mold (or know the necessary technique), this kinoko shoyu kamameshi makes for a wonderful onigiri. A nori wrapper balances the flavor and turns this dish from something you’ll need a bowl and spoon for into a portable finger food.

To top off a warming, comforting dish, Yamamori Kinoko Shoyu Kamameshi is ultra easy to make. Simply combine 3 cups of rice, the requisite amount of water, and the contents of both pouches in a rice cooker. Stir slightly to distribute the ingredients and cook using ordinary white rice settings. Once the rice has finished cooking, use a rice paddle to toss the kamameshi before serving to both fluff the rice and make sure the mushrooms are distributed evenly. Yamamori Kinoko Shoyu Kamameshi is easy, tasty and keeps for a decently long time in the box and is an especially good buy for those who are either low on time or energy for cooking at the end of their days.


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