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4/2-14 Sakura Sale

Hello everyone. Last week, we introduced the Subaru Cherry Blossom Festival that we will be attending on April 13th-14th, and this week, we would like to introduce a fun spring event at our store - Sakura Sale.

As many of you probably know, sakura is the Japanese word for cherry blossoms. So, Sakura Sale basically means Spring Sale. We will be holding this sale from today, Tuesday, April 2nd, to Sunday, April 14th, the last day of the Cherry Blossom Festival. Please stop by the store before it is over.

This week, we will introduce some of the sale items and some recipes using the sale items. Let's begin.

This image is from last year's Sakura Sale. Items in the photo are not going to be on sale this year.


Sakura Sale Items

Nishiki, Cooked White Rice

Nishiki, Cooked Brown Rice

Have you ever tried Cooked Rice? It is a wonderful item that produces freshly cooked, fluffy rice by simply removing part of the lid and heating the entire tray in the microwave for 1 minute and 30 seconds.

Preparing rice yourself requires planning and time to rinse and cook the rice, but with this item, you do not even have to think about it. You can save the time to prepare the rice and make another side dish.

Since the rice can be stored at the room temperature, it does not take up space in the refrigerator or freezer, and since it can be eaten straight from the tray, there is less washing to do. Why not take this opportunity to stock your house with this item that has so many good things to offer?

Mizkan, Kintsubu Niowa Natto

Mizkan, Kintsubu Toromame Natto

Mizkan, Kintsubu Plum Flavored Kurozu Black Vinegar Natto

Natto are fermented soybeans which are often served as a breakfast food with rice. It is usually served with soy sauce based sauce and karashi mustard.

The imported soybeans used for Mizkan's natto are selected from dozens of varieties in each growing region (U.S.A. and Canada) that have characteristics suitable for making natto and the climate of the region where the soybeans are grown. Contracted farmers in each region grow only the selected varieties from the seeds.

Niowa Natto is a natto with a low branched fatty acid (natto's characteristic odor). There is no need to worry about the smell in the morning before going out.

Toromame Natto is characterized by its mild sauce. The melt-in-your-mouth soft texture and fluffy stringiness of this natto makes it an enjoyable way to continue eating natto.

Plum Flavored Kurozu Black Vinegar Natto is a natto with plum flavored black vinegar sauce made with Kishu plums for a slightly sweet and sour, mellow taste. You can enjoy the refreshing ume plum flavor.

Welpac, Premium Edamame

Frozen edamame is popular for its freshness, color, and convenience. It can be used in a wide variety of dishes, from snacks to side dishes for rice, and even as a bento dish, making them even more appealing. Not only are they delicious boiled, but they are even more flavorful when roasted in a pan.

From the easy defrosting method in the microwave to the natural defrosting method that preserves the flavor and extends the shelf life, frozen edamame is a versatile food that enriches our dietary life.

What is even more amazing is that there is almost no difference in nutritional content between boiled and frozen edamame.

Dynasty, Gyoza/Potsticker Wrappers

Do you like gyoza? Our restaurant offers homemade gyoza and our store sells all kinds of frozen gyoza, but you can also easily make them at home with these wrappers.

If you want to make them at home, you can also get other ingredients at our store. A recipe for gyoza using them will be introduced in the next blog post.

You can also use these wrappers with other ingredients such as cheese and chocolate, or any other ingredients you like to arrange in your own dishes.

Kewpie, Mayonnaise

Kewpie Mayonnaise is a flavorful Japanese mayonnaise, which is richer than the typical American mayonnaise. The main ingredients are oil, egg, and vinegar, but the secret is that it contains the egg yolk instead of the whole egg. The distinctively rich flavor comes from the egg yolk.

It contains only 0.01 oz./0.3 g of sodium chloride equivalent in every 0.53 oz./15 g (about 1 tablespoon). It is less than a pinch of salt which is said to be about 0.017 oz./0.5 g.

It goes well with salad, sandwiches, sushi, and much more. Be creative and enjoy fancy dishes accompanied by Kewpie Mayonnaise!

Yamadai, New Touch Gokujo-Men Ultimate Noodles Tonkotsu Ramen

Yamadai, New Touch Gokujo-Men Ultimate Noodles Miso Ramen

Yamadai, New Touch Gokujo-Men Ultimate Noodles Shoyu Ramen

Yamadai is the first snack noodle manufacturer in eastern Japan to make New Touch Noodles, which are highly praised for their taste.

Pursuing the authentic taste of freshly boiled noodles, just like ramen from a restaurant, the noodles have a firm texture and the soup have richness that will impress you with their unbelievable flavors. These instant ramen will be perfect meals for your busy days.

They all are the same size in real life.

D-Plus, Natural Yeast Baked Wheat Cake, Maple

D-Plus, Natural Yeast Baked Wheat Cake, Coffee

D-Plus, Natural Yeast Baked Wheat Cake, Okinawa Brown Sugar

D-Plus, Natural Yeast Baked Wheat Cake, Blueberry

D-Plus, Natural Yeast Baked Wheat Cake, Caramel

D-Plus, Natural Yeast Baked Wheat Cake, Orange

D-Plus, Natural Yeast Baked Wheat Cake, Green Tea

D-Plus, Natural Yeast Baked Wheat Cake, Tsubu-An Mashed Sweet Red Bean Paste

D-Plus, Natural Yeast Baked Wheat Cake, Koshi-An Fine Sweet Red Bean Paste

D-Plus' bread are baked moist and fluffy using germinated brown rice yeast and their original baking method. They are long-life bread with an unprecedented texture.

They all taste very good, as you can tell from the pictures already! Most varieties have the flavors kneaded into the dough, but the azuki red bean ones have the paste as a filling in the bread.

They will be perfect as a snack or a light meal you can eat, especially for breakfast. They taste even better when toasted.

Kyoshin, Daifuku Mochi

Kyoshin, Hana Daifuku

Kyoshin, Kohaku Mochi

Kyoshin, Matcha Daifuku

Kyoshin, Mochi Ryoka

Kyoshin, Fruits Daifuku

Kyoshin, Berry Daifuku

Kyoshin, Melon Daifuku

Kyoshin, Coconut Daifuku

These mini daifuku rice cakes known as mochi dessert are the perfect size for a snack or when you are peckish. They are also perfect for sharing with friends and family, as there are 8 pieces in each package.

There are many varieties available, from the basic traditional skin with azuki sweet red beans to fruity flavors, so no matter how many times you try them, you will always discover something new from the various flavors. Be sure to try the different flavors and find your favorite!

Calbee, My Pote, Garlic Herb Butter

Calbee, My Pote, Himalayan Salt

Calbee, My Pote, Onion Soup

Calbee, My Pote, White Truffle

My Pote are potato chips that are too good to share. Using only American-grown potatoes, these gluten-free and kosher-friendly potato chips are filled with unique flavors such as addicting Garlic Herb Butter, simple Himalayan Pink Salt, flavorful Onion Soup, and luxurious White Truffle. Which flavor would you like to try?

Uha, Puchao Fruit Soda 4 Flavors

Uha, Puchao Fruit 4 Flavors

Uha, Puchao Uji Matcha

Uha, Puchao Bubbly Soda 2 Flavors

Uha, Puchao Strawberry

Uha, Puchao Grape

Uha, Puchao Mango

Uha, Puchao Melon

Uha, Puchao Cola

Uha, Puchao Ramune Soda

Puchao is chewy soft candy with gummy bits inside. You can enjoy the two textures of soft candy and elastic gummy coming out from the inside. It is good for those who feel soft candies are not chewy enough. You can chew it longer. It is made in Japan.

There are so many different kinds of flavors you can choose from, from fruits to soda to matcha. Would you choose a single flavor in a bar, or multiple flavors from a bag?

Oyatsu Company, Baby Star Crispy Ramen Snack Yakisoba Noodles

Oyatsu Company, Baby Star Crispy Ramen Snack Tonkotsu Pork

Oyatsu Company, Baby Star Crispy Ramen Snack Garlic

Oyatsu Company, Baby Star Crispy Ramen Snack Chicken

Oyatsu Company, Baby Star Crispy Ramen Spicy

A bowl is needed to eat noodles, but you can pick up Baby Star Ramen, the dried noodles in a package, and eat them by hand anytime, anywhere.

It was created when the company flavored the pieces that spilled out when making instant noodles and distributed them to employees as a snack. Initially, it was named Baby Ramen, based on the concept of small ramen noodles that even small children could eat.

Today, the snack is very popular not only as a snack for children, but also as a snack to go with alcoholic beverages for adults.

Yakisoba Noodle flavor is perfect for yakisoba lovers, especially when they cannot come in to Maido to eat our delicious yakisoba.

Tonkotsu Pork flavor is loved by tonkotsu ramen fans. You will feel like you are eating an actual ramen.

Garlic flavor is addicting and you will finish a bag before you know it.

Chicken is the most authentic flavor people think of when they hear the name Baby Star Ramen.

Spicy flavor has a kick of spiciness, and it is good when you do not feel enough with other flavors.

Moshi, Sparkling Yuzu Original

Moshi, Sparkling Yuzu White Peach

Moshi, Sparkling Yuzu Red Shiso & Apple

Moshi, Sparkling Yuzu Unsweetened

Moshi, a beverage brand made with unique Asian ingredients to pair with the Asian cuisine we all know and love, launched in 2020. Its drinks have been very popular at our store.

These drinks are non-GMO, OU Kosher certified, and gluten-free. Yuzu ones are also vegan.

Yuzu original is their flagship product - tart and fragrant and very easy to drink.

Yuzu White Peach is the fan favorite - aromatic and sweet; the combo that sounds as good as it tastes.

Yuzu Red Shiso & Apple has the most unique combination - bold and fruity. Red shiso is an earthy flavored herb commonly found in Asian cuisine.

Yuzu Unsweeten is the 0 g sugar/0 calorie option - light and refreshing flavor is great for someone who is on a diet or likes the flavored carbonated water without any sweetness.

Moshi, Sparkling Oolong Tea Honey

Moshi, Sparkling Oolong Tea Passion Fruit

Moshi, Sparkling Oolong Tea Lychee

Moshi, Sparkling Oolong Tea White Grape

Oolong Tea Honey has a refreshing taste. Its simple taste does not interfere with the flavor of food.

Oolong Tea Passion Fruit has a fruity aroma and taste with the perfect combination of the tea and passion fruit.

Oolong Tea Lychee has a perfect balance of mellow sweet floral aroma and subtle astringency.

Oolong Tea White Grape has a subtle fruitiness. It tastes like champagne!

Ito En, Unsweetened Green Tea

Ito En, Unsweetened Bold Green Tea

Ito En, Unsweetened Matcha Genmaicha Brown Rice Tea

Ito En, Unsweetened Hoji-Cha Roasted Green Tea

Ito En, Unsweetened Golden Oolong Tea

Ito En, Unsweetened Jasmine Green Tea

Ito En is Japan's no.1 green tea brand.

Green Tea is the bestseller that everyone loves with more than 100% Daily Value of Vitamin C.

Bold Green Tea is a brew for those who prefer a much bolder tasting. It is even higher in catetchins with a minimum of 0.014 oz./400 mg of naturally occurring catechins per bottle.

Matcha Genmai Tea is a classic Japanese blend of brewed green tea, matcha green tea powder, and roasted rice. With a nutty, popcorn like flavor and rich intensity, this tea is an all-time favorite for any time of the day.

Hojicha Roasted Green Tea offers a bold and toasty flavor. It has only 5 calories with more than 100% Daily Value of Vitamin C.

The tea leaves used for this Golden Oolong are flowery, fragrant Golden Cinnamon and hearty and ripe Iron Goddess. Oolong tea is semi oxidized, making it unique from green and black teas.

Jasmine Tea has an elegant flavor. They use jasmine flowers that have been picked when the blossoms are at the peak of their fragrance.

Asahi, Juroku Cha (1 bottle/set of 6 bottles)

Juroku Cha is a traditional Japanese grain and botanical tea which is one of the best-selling unsweetened, caffeine-free teas in Japan.

Juroku means 16, and Cha means tea. Blended with 16 different all-natural grains and botanicals, Juroku Cha is carefully selected and individually roasted

to create a unique and uplifting flavor you’ve never tasted before.

Over 2,000 years ago, the ancient Chinese made tea by blending multiple grains and botanicals to maintain a healthy and balanced body. Inspired by this philosophy, Japanese tea lovers carefully selected those 16 healthy grains and botanicals to create a perfectly healthy harmony, aka Juroku Cha.

16 grains and botanicals: corn, pearl barley, hub tea leaf, barley, black soybeans, loquat leaves, brown rice, malted brown rice, shiitake mushrooms, jujube, malted barley, black rice, azuki red beans, kibi Japanese millet, mulberry leaves, and foxtail millet

We sell individual bottles as well as a set of 6 bottles that comes with a Juroku Cha bag and keychain (Keychains are for a limited quantity.)

Kimono, Sparkling Yuzu Citrus

Kimono, Sparkling Momo White Peach

Kimono, Sparkling Ringo Apple

Kimono, Sparkling Ume Plum

Kimono, Sparkling Mikan Mandarin Orange

Kimono drinks are made by the farmers and drink makers from Japan, following the "Kanso" philosophy - using only what is necessary. They hand pick their seasonal fruits and use the naturally sourced water from the Hyogo mountains in the Kansai region to add to the flavor and texture of their drinks. They truly wish you will enjoy the drinks they made for you.

The Sparkling Yuzu Citrus is made with hand-picked yuzu citrus fruits from Shikoku Island, Hyogo region water, and organic sugar cane.

The Sparkling Momo White Peach is made with hand-picked white peaches from the Yamanashi region, Hyogo region water, and organic sugar cane.

The Sparkling Ringo Apple is made with hand-picked fuji apples in the Aomori Region beyond the Northern Hakkoda mountains and whole-pressed with Hyogo region water.

The Ume Plum is made with plums hand-picked in Wakayama whole-pressed with Hyogo region water and organic sugar cane.

The Mikan Mandarin Orange is made with the oranges hand-picked in Wakayama and whole-pressed with Hyogo region water and organic sugar cane.


There is a lot of food items, housewares, stationery, and gifts available at the store and our online store, Maido! Kairashi Shop, where you can place your order for shipping or store pickup! Happy shopping. :)



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