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Yukino Yado: More than Just Senbei

With a name that translates to “snow roof” Yuki no Yado rice crackers are not your average senbei. To those who aren’t familiar, Yuki no Yado senbei features a classic, salty round rice cracker topped with a lightly sweet, milky white frosting. Their unique combination of sweet and salty taste, with a light, airy crunch makes them not only delicious on their own, but also excellent as an accompaniment to other dishes. Check out this list for ideas on how spin Yuki no Yado crackers in new ways!

  • Top one Yuki no Yado cracker with cream and a dollop of whipped cream and layer a second one overtop to create a delicious, slightly savory, bite-sized ice cream sandwich.

  • Eat them milk and cookies style, by dipping Yuki no Yado crackers into an ice-cold, tall glass of fresh milk!

  • Add a little crunch to a sandwich by topping one Yuki no Yado cracker with a dollop of butter, your favorite jam and a mint leaf before nestling between two slices of light, fluffy bread.

  • Add a touch of sweetness to your hiyashi chuka! The crunch and special flavor of Yuki no Yado crackers goes astonishingly well as a topping alongside the standard cucumber, egg, and ham of hiyashi chuka.

  • Spruce up your breakfast by first crumbling a few Yuki no Yado crackers in a plastic baggie, and then sprinkling them over top your favorite morning granola!



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