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White Day for Junior High and High School Girls

For today's students, White Day is not only a day for receiving gifts in return. For junior high and high school girls, tomo-choco, exchanging Valentine's Day gifts between good female friends is a must. However, some of them are too busy studying for regular exams and entrance exams to prepare for Valentine's Day in February. They are over by White Day, so they give tomo-choco gifts on White Day instead of Valentine's Day.


Or, those who want to give back as much as they have received on Valentine's Day skip giving Valentine's Day gifts to see who gives what to you as the Valentine's Day gifts, and simply give something back on White Day (in a sense, they can be called return gifts). Also, sometimes, even if you thought you made enough for Valentine's Day, you may not have enough. In that case, you will prepare the insufficient ones for White Day.


Of course, the original meaning of White Day is still followed by them. According to one survey, 77.9% of female students expect to receive gifts in return on White Day. Some students are even brave enough to give chocolates to their teachers on Valentine's Day, saying that they will receive gorgeous return gifts on White Day.


There are many different cases, but why not give gifts in return of the Valentine's Day gift(s) this White Day? You can surely make the gift receivers get surprised, then happy!


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