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Ehomaki Recipe + What We Offer

It is customary to eat ehoumaki with seven different ingredients, each named after one of the seven gods of good fortune, to bring good luck. The standard ingredients are as follows:

1. anago saltwater eel or unagi freshwater eel

2. shrimp

3. kampyo (dried shavings of Lagenaria siceraria var. hispida, a variety of calabash gourd)

4. shiitake mushroom

5. dashimaki egg omelet

6. cucumber

7. sakura denbu (a sweet seasoned codfish condiment)

However, there is no need to stick to the standard, so when making it at home, add whatever ingredients you like.

Ingredients (for 4 rolls):

25 oz./700 g of cooked rice

3 tbsp of sushi vinegar

4 sheets of sushi nori seaweed

8 shiso leaves

18 oz./500 g of your favorite ingredients

(in this recipe)

2 oz./60 g of masago

3.5 oz./100 g of tuna

3.5 oz./100 g of salmon

3.5 oz./100 g of scallops (We don't carry them.)

5 oz./140 g of boiled shrimp (We only carry deep-fried shrimp.)


1. Add the sushi vinegar to the rice. Mix with the cutting motion not to smash the rice. Let cool off and cover with a wet cloth.

2. Place a sheet of nori seaweed on top of the sushi mat, put 1/4 amount of the rice prepared in step 1 on top, spread with the space of 0.4"/1 cm below and 1.2"/3 cm above, spread tobiko in the middle, and put 2 slices of shiso leaves on top.

3. Arrange your favorite ingredients on top of the shiso, roll up all at once and leave for a while. Make 4 rolls of this.

4. Enjoy! (The roll in the photo is cut to show how it looks like inside better.) Remember the direction of blessing in 2024 is slightly east-northeast(東北東)and you cannot talk until you finish it. Make a wish silently.

What we offer:

Products with this little oni demon sign are recommended for ehomaki!

(clockwise from top left) Canned Tuna, Masago Fish Roe, Imitation Snow Crab Sticks, Breaded Shrimp, Sea Tuna Saku, Norwegian Sashimi Salmon, Imitation Crab Sticks

(from left to right) Jidori Eggs, Kampyo, shiso leaves

Shiitake Mushrooms

Roasted Nori Seaweed for Sushi

Bamboo Rolls to Make Sushi Rolls



Sushi Vinegar

Soy Sauce for Sashimi and Sushi



Pickled Ginger for Sushi


There is a lot of food items, housewares, stationery, and gifts available at the store and our online store, Maido! Kairashi Shop, where you can place your order for shipping or store pickup! Happy shopping. :)


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