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What's New in Stationery? Sarasa Clip Gel Pens and Zebra Midliner Double Ended Highlighters

Check out the new arrivals in the stationery section here at Maido! We now carry the Sarasa Clip Gel Pen, the Sarasa Vintage Style Gel Pen, and the Zebra Midliner Double Ended Highlighter.

The Sarasa Clip Gel Pens feature a smooth, water-based gel ink that is acid-free, archival, and water resistant. The pens’ 0.4 mm tips glide across paper and leave delightfully thin, delicate lines without smudging. The pen’s ability to deliver thin lines without a single smear make them perfect for taking notes in the margins of books, underlining important details, and quick writing in any kind of notebook. The pens are also retractable, and have a heavy-duty alligator style clip for ultimate convenience. They are available in 13 different colors, ranging from the standard black, red and blue, to pastel green, coral, and lavender.

The Sarasa Vintage Style Gel Pen has all of the features of the Clip Gel Pens, but with a comfortable rubber grip and a more subdued color palette. Drawing on old-fashioned fountain pen colors for inspiration, the Vintage Style Gel Pen is available in six shades, which include black, brown, red, dark green, blue, and purple.

The Zebra Midliner Double Ended Highlighter is a wonderfully versatile highlighter style marker. It features both a chisel tip and fine point tip for all sorts of line-making. The double ended tips and translucent ink make them perfect for creative applications, such as hand-lettering, bullet journaling, and and even coloring artwork. The shades are mild, but made from an archival quality ink so they don’t fade, and layer on top of one another wonderfully. The Zebra Midliner Double Ended Highlighter is currently available in seven shades including smoke blue, coral, vermilion, summer green, light green, lavender and brown.


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