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The Tasty Jidori Egg

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

Today, let's talk about one of Maido's star grocery items: Jidori eggs! These exceptional eggs are so tasty, that once you try them, no other eggs will compare. They have firm, nearly spherical, dark yellow yolks, and smooth, viscous whites that hold a rounded shape even when cracked. When it comes to taste, Jidori eggs are superior, containing more eggy flavor than you'd think possible. The whites are firm and slightly springy, and the yolks are high, dense and perfectly textured. One bite will leave you wondering how such wonderful eggs even come to exist in the first place.

These special eggs come from an equally special Japanese breed of chicken, called Hinai-Jidori, which are known for producing eggs with rich, dark yolks. The chickens’ heritage combined with a vegetarian diet, careful husbandry and free-range lifestyle, make for some of the highest-quality eggs that you can buy from an urban grocery store.

Jidori eggs are best enjoyed when prepared simply. Try them sunny-side up on a piece of extra-thick shoku-pan toast for breakfast straight out of a Ghibli movie. Or, if you're in the mood for something more traditionally Japanese, the texture of Jidori eggs makes them excellent for consuming raw.* Try them cracked over rice for tamagokaki gohan, or mixed with natto for a delicious traditional Japanese breakfast. Have them later in the day as a dipping sauce for sukiyaki, or even as a topping for a bowl of gyudon. Jidori eggs are sure to brighten any recipe where eggs are featured! Find them towards the front of our store, in the produce section, or order them online for curbside pickup/home delivery!**

*Please note there is always a risk of salmonella when consuming raw eggs or poultry; Jidori eggs are no exception to this. Consume raw at your own risk!

**Some restrictions may apply for delivery. Check our online store for details and areas included in our home delivery range.

[Editor's note: Updated February, 2021]


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