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Tamago Dofu

New, in our refrigerated section, is a favorite of Japanese home cooking, but a rare sight in the U.S.-- tamago dofu! Sweet, smooth and eggy tamago dofu, or egg tofu, is not actually made of tofu at all. Instead, tamago dofu is made entirely from eggs that have been whipped until foamy with light colored soy sauce and dashi and then steamed until it forms a smooth and savory custard. Tamago dofu has a texture somewhat similar to flan, though predominantly savory and salty rather than sweet. To eat it, simply upend the cup onto a small plate and gently tap and squeeze to release the tofu. Then, top the tofu with the dashi from the included packet and enjoy! For a slightly fancier take, try tamago dofu on top of a bed of fresh rice, and garnished with shirasu anchovies and sliced shiso leaves. Take home an appetizing classic, and be sure to grab tamago dofu on your next visit to Maido for authentic Japanese food, groceries and other essentials!

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