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Tabi Socks for Everybody!

New at Maido are tabi socks in five never-before-seen designs! With men’s, women’s and children’s sizes available, we have a tabi design for almost everyone! Tabi socks are made with a separate compartment for the big toe in a way the conceptually adjacent to mittens. This allows them to be worn with other types of traditional Japanese footwear, such as geta or zori--both of which resemble a modern-day flip-flop or thong sandal. With fun, eye-catching colors and patterns, these tabi socks add a bit of flair and sense of whimsy to any outfit. Be sure to pick up a pair, along with groceries and other essentials on your next trip to Maido!

Can’t make it to the store? Maido now offers online grocery shopping with options for home delivery and curbside pick-up!* Looking for housewares, stationery or gifts? Check out our brand new online gift shop!

*Some restrictions may apply.


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