Sun Noodle Ramen Kits: Restaurant Quality Ramen Right In Your Kitchen!

Sun Noodle ramen kits are made with the home chef in mind. These kits provide fresh noodles, along with expertly-formulated broth packets for the perfect amount of guidance when making ramen noodles at home. With only quality noodles and broth included, there is a huge amount of freedom when it comes to making ramen with Sun Noodle Ramen Kits. After all, once noodles and broth are taken care of, toppings are what makes each bowl of ramen fun. At Maido, we currently have Sun Noodle Ramen Kits in five different flavors-- shoyu, miso, shio, tonkotsu, and spicy tantan. Use the following guide as a jumping off point for creating your own delicious ramen in the comfort of your own home!

There are two toppings that a bowl of ramen rarely goes without: the signature ramen egg, and chashu. Chashu can be made of chicken or pork, though pork is more common (and is also available for purchase at Maido). Basically, any bowl of ramen, short of a completely vegan variety, is sure to have both ramen eggs and chashu. Other popular ramen toppings include sliced negi, menma (pickled bamboo shoot), nori seaweed, kizami shoga ginger, lightly steamed komatsuna leaf (or spinach, which tastes similar), corn kernels, naruto maki fish cake and shiitake mushrooms. These toppings are commonly toggled to highlight the flavor of the broth they’re going in best.