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(Sale + Recipe) Asahi Jurokucha

Great news for Jurokuchavers! We have started a sale on six-packs. Each comes in a clear bag with its own logo, and the bags are perfect for the beach or other summer outings.


Jurokucha is a traditional Japanese grain and botanical tea which is one of the best-selling unsweetened, caffeine-free teas in Japan.

Juroku means 16, and Cha means tea. Blended with 16 different all-natural grains and botanicals, Jurokucha is carefully selected and individually roasted

to create a unique and uplifting flavor you’ve never tasted before.

Over 2,000 years ago, the ancient Chinese made tea by blending multiple grains and botanicals to maintain a healthy and balanced body. Inspired by this philosophy, Japanese tea lovers carefully selected those 16 healthy grains and botanicals to create a perfectly healthy harmony, aka Jurokucha.

16 grains and botanicals: corn, pearl barley, hub tea leaf, barley, black soybeans, loquat leaves, brown rice, malted brown rice, shiitake mushrooms, jujube, malted barley, black rice, azuki red beans, kibi Japanese millet, mulberry leaves, and foxtail millet


(Recipe) Jurokucha Ochazuke

The salty taste of shio-kombu salted kelp, umeboshi pickled plum, and Jurokucha go well together!

Ingredients (1 serving):

3.5 oz./100 g of cooked rice

0.2 oz./6 g of shio-kombu salted kelp

1 pickled plum

scallions as desired

a pinch of grated sesame seeds

250 ml (a half bottle) of Jurokucha


1. Put all the ingredients except for Jurokucha into a bowl.

2. Put Jurokucha in a pot and heat until it boils.

3. Add what you prepared in step 2 to step 1, and serve.


  • When you eat it, make sure to mix well.

  • If the flavor is not salty enough, you can add some dashi soup stock etc.

Kurakon, Shio-Kombu Salted Kelp (left)

Kurakon, Low Sodium Shio-Kombu Salted Kelp (right)


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