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(Recipe) Nori no Tsukudani Simmered Seaweed

One of the most popular side dishes for rice in Japan is nori no tsukudani. Some may find it weird because black food is rare in the U.S., but if you try it, you may be impressed by its taste.

Do you have any nori that is stale after being opened at home? This recipe is just perfect for consuming such nori.

Ingredients (easy-to-make portion):

3 whole sheets of yakinori grilled seaweed

*2 tbsp of soy sauce

*2 tbsp of cooking sake

*1 tbsp of mirin

*1/2 tsp of sugar

*3 tbsp of dashi soup stock

(1 dried shiitake mushroom for homemade dashi)

The most recommended dashi is shiitake mushroom dashi. It tastes more authentic when using it. However, it can also be made with regular dashi such as kombu dashi. Try using whatever is easy for you to prepare.

Preparation of shiitake mushroom dashi:

Simply add a dried shiitake mushroom and water to a container and let sit overnight in the refrigerator.

There is no fixed amount of dried shiitake mushrooms and water to make shiitake mushroom dashi, and you can adjust the amount to your liking, but for this recipe, one dried shiitake mushroom is enough. It is said that to bring out the true taste, aroma, flavor, and nutritional value of the shiitake mushroom, it is best to let them sit overnight in the refrigerator and slowly return to their original state in cold water.


1. Fold and tear the nori into small pieces, and place in the pot.

2. Add seasonings starting with a "*" to a pot. Before placing over heat, lightly press down on the nori with chopsticks to soak in the seasonings and let sit for 2 to 3 minutes to soften the nori.

3. Place a pot over medium heat, and when it comes to a boil, reduce the heat slightly. In the beginning, it is so loose that even if you draw a line on the bottom with a spatula, it will disappear immediately.

4. As the liquid gradually simmers down, the lines will not disappear as quickly.

5. The mixture is done when it is simmering so much that a cross is left on the bottom of the pot without disappearing immediately. Turn off the heat, remove from the heat, and transfer to a storage container.

6. Even if you make it with 3 sheets of nori, there is enough in a small jar to make about the amount shown in the photo below. Serve with some rice and enjoy!


  • The shelf life is about 1 week refrigerated, or about 1 month frozen.

  • 2 tablespoons of soy sauce are used in this recipe, but you can also use 1 1/2 tablespoons for a tasty seasoning to go with plenty of rice, if you prefer to use less.

  • Dashi made from dried shiitake mushroom gives it a good flavor and does not interfere with the flavor of the nori. If katsuo bonito flakes dashi is used, the flavors of the seaweed and bonito fight a bit (It is still tasty enough though).


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