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(Recipe) Easy Fresh Rice Paper Bouquet

Just wrap your salad in a sheet of rice paper to make it look like a little bouquet! The ingredients are just for an example, and you can change it to your favorite salad or even something more filling. Even if you change one of your dishes to this, your table will look more festive. Why don't you express your daily gratitude with this Mother's Day special dish?

Ingredients (2 pieces):

1 sheet of rice paper

<Tuna mayo coleslaw>

1 can of canned tuna

1/2 piece of shredded cabbage

0.4 oz./10 g of shredded carrots

3.5 oz./100 g of canned/cooked corn

2 tablespoons of mayonnaise


Appropriate amount of lettuce or other green

Appropriate amount of grape tomato

Appropriate amount of ham or sashimi


1. Make tuna mayo coleslaw. Thoroughly drain the oil from the canned tuna. Shred the cabbage and carrots and mix all the ingredients together.

2. Soak the rice paper one by one in lukewarm water or cold water at about 40℃ for about 10 seconds.

3. Cut the rice paper into two then make them triangles.

4-①. Place the rice paper prepared in step 3.

4-②. Place a small amount of lettuce on the top half, then tuna mayo coleslaw on top of it.

4-③. Fold the right side of the rice paper to the left.

4-④. Fold the left side of the rice paper to the right so that it forms a bouquet.

5. Top with a cherry tomato.


  • The plate will look more gorgeous if you put the flowers made with ham, sashimi, etc. Make sure to use thin sliced ones. Roll one slice then put another one around it.

  • Eat at as soon as possible after wrapping the ingredients in rice paper.

History of Mother's Day


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