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Popular Otsukimi Related Product in Japan

Otsukimi is a traditional Japanese cultural event, but there is actually one thing that comes to mind when modern Japanese people hear the word otsukimi. Can you guess what it is? - It is McDonald's tsukimi burger.

First introduced in 1991 with the impression of otsukimi, the very popular tsukimi burger has been offered every fall since 1996. McDonald's started product development with the goal of creating a menu item using egg, which is ranked as one of the top ingredients that customers would like to have in their burgers, and with the desire to deliver a delicious product to as many customers as possible, they decided to launch the product in the fall, when eggs can be purchased relatively easily during the course of the year. The menu development team decided to launch the menu in the fall, when eggs with are relatively stable in supply.

Initially, the menu development team members wanted to market the new burger under the name bacon cheese egg burger, but the president at the time thought of otsukimi from the round egg and insisted on the name tsukimi burger because it was to be sold in the fall. The name tsukimi burger was chosen as the name of the burger, which is now familiar to everyone. The standard tsukimi burger, cheese tsukimi burger, and the tsukimi muffin only for breakfast have almost the same flavor every year, but the sauce is slightly changed to suit the times and customers' tastes. They also carry tsukimi pie with mochi and tsukimi Mc shake with shine muscat. Those products are officially called tsukimi family.

As they became popular, their competitors including Wendy's and KFC sell similar products as well. The main ingredients vary from fast food company to fast food company, and include beef patty, fried chicken, shrimp patty, and many others. The tsukimi burger may seem to be simply a burger with an egg, but the exquisite seasoning and combination of ingredients gives it an appeal not found in other hamburgers, and it has gained tremendous support. If you get to visit Japan during the fall, why not try one or more?

Tsukimi Burger

Cheese Tsukimi Burger

Tsukimi Muffin

Tsukimi Mc Shake

Tsukimi Pie


We will introduce recipes for otsukimi dishes in the next newsletter!


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