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Golden Week

Hello everyone. It will soon be the Golden Week holiday season in Japan. Do you know what Golden Week is? It is one of the few consecutive holidays in Japan that usually lay from the end of April until the beginning of May.

During the holidays, children do not have school, so parents have more opportunities to cook and plan recipes for their children's daily meals. Families may go to each other's homes and eat meals together. At such times, recipes that can be prepared in a short time and many dishes can be made at once are very useful. It is even better if the children can cook together.

This week, we will introduce you to the Golden Week holidays and some simple recipes for cooking for a large number of people at once during the holidays.

When is Golden Week in 2024?

Golden Week this year begins on Saturday, April 27th, with a three-day weekend from that day to Monday, April 29, and a four-day weekend from Friday, May 3rd to Monday, May 6th, with two consecutive regular weekdays in between. Monday, May 6th is not a holiday, but is considered a substitute holiday since Children's Day on May 5th falls on a Sunday. Those who make good use of paid time off and take off the three weekdays between the holidays can have up to 10 consecutive holidays.

Meanings of Golden Week Holidays

There are four national holidays in one week during Golden Week. Since there are 16 national holidays in Japan in a year, one fourth of them are in Golden Week. National holidays in Japan are designated as days to celebrate, give thanks, or commemorate the people of the nation, so that each and every one of people in Japan can lead a richer life. The following is an explanation of the meaning of each national holiday.

Showa Day (Showa no Hi): April 29th

Showa Day, the first day of Golden Week, is the birthday of Showa era Emperor, who passed away in 1989. April 29th is a national holiday used to be Greenery Day, but its name was changed to Showa Day back in 2007.

Showa Emperor Hirohito (April 29th, 1901 – January 7th, 1989)

Constitution Memorial Day (Kenkoku Kinenbi): May 3rd

It is a day to commemorate May 3rd, 1947, when the Constitution was enacted and the country's growth is expected. Six months earlier, on November 3rd, 1946, the Constitution was promulgated and November 3rd was designated as a national holiday as Culture Day.

National Diet, Tokyo

Greenery Day (Midori no Hi): May 4th

Originally a non holiday between Constitution Day and Children's Day, this day became a national holiday in 1986 in order for people to enjoy it as a consecutive holiday. It was named Greenery Day as a day to become familiar with nature and be thankful for its blessings. On this day, admission to a lot of national and public parks, zoos, and gardens is free.

Rikugien Garden, Tokyo

Children's Day (Kodomo no Hi): May 5th

This day is well-known as Boy's Day. It is a national holiday not only to wish for the healthy growth of children, but also to express gratitude to their mothers. It is the last day of Golden Week. The custom of decorating carp streamers called koinobori is based on the wish that children will grow up to be strong and vigorous, just like carp that can climb up waterfalls.


What do people do during Golden Week?

Golden Week is a chance for people who are busy with school and work to do things they normally do not get to do. Many people go on a long trip, including an overseas trip, or go out to see relatives and friends they do not usually have a chance to see. However, on the other hand, there are also those who pick up more part-time work shifts and earn more money than usual when everyone wants to take days off. Everyone enjoys the long vacation in their own way and makes the most of it.


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