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Picnic at Home

Even if you think about going on a picnic, you may be put off by the thought of all the work involved in getting ready and going out. Also, even if you go through the trouble of planning a picnic, it might rain and you might have to cancel it. In such cases, a picnic at home is recommended.

Especially for families with children, it is an additional task to prepare the children's things and to carry all the heavy belongings, so a picnic at home will solve a lot of concerns at once.

You can eat freshly prepared food and even play your favorite music at will! Make a meal, take pictures, and create a special event called a picnic at home for everyone.


How to Prepare for Picnic at Home

  • Just prepare your bento and water bottle.

You might have to wonder what you should do for a picnic at home. Don't think hard. Just as you would have a picnic outside, you just need to prepare a bento box, prepare a water bottle, and lay out a sheet inside the house or in the yard. You can lower the hurdle and execute a picnic at home with ease.

  • If you are not good at cooking, you can rely on take-out etc.

Some of you might be too busy or lazy to cook. If you do not feel like cooking your bento for picnic, do not worry! You can have food from our restaurant. We use Doordash for the food delivery, so you can order online to be delivered to you - Click here. Also, if you can come in to our restaurant, we make bento boxes everyday, so you can simply get it. (We do not deliver our bento boxes, unfortunately.)


Various Ideas for Picnic at Home

  • Do it in the yard on a sunny day.

Even if you do a picnic at home, it does not have to mean you will stay inside. If you live in a house with a yard, you should definitely try a picnic in there. Why not lay out a sheet or prepare a table, and create a free picnic space in your own yard?

  • In case of rain, use the porch or balcony.

Again, it does not have to be inside, even if it rains. A porch or balcony picnic with the sound of drizzling rain is also enjoyable. It could be in a sunroom as well. You might be kind of depressed on a rainy day, but you should think of fun ideas and put them into practice. Even the rainy day can be turned into an exciting day with a little ingenuity!

  • Adopt dishes and a theme from a picture book.

The dishes that appear in the picture books we read all the time look so delicious, don't they? Why not make the same dishes as if you were an inhabitant of the picture book? Also, you can copy the setting as well. Let's spark your child's imagination with a themed picnic that can only be held at home!

  • Enjoy homemade drinks.

At a picnic at home, drinks can be served right out of the refrigerator, so you can enjoy homemade lemonade, fruit tea, and other drinks that are hard to find outside. Hot water can also be quickly prepared, so you can even enjoy a cup of freshly brewed coffee!

  • Put cute picnic goods such as picnic sheets.

Just laying out a picnic sheet with nice patterns and colors is exciting, isn't it? If you want to take pictures from your picnic at home, choosing cute goods is one of the best parts of picnics. Especially since you do not have to take waterproofing into consideration, even your favorite large fabrics can be stylish enough to enjoy.

  • Set up a tent or hammock at home.

Going camping or glamping is hard to prepare for, and you do not want to be bothered by crowds. Then, set up a tent or hammock in your room. Kids love unusual spaces. Why not create a space where they can feel like Tom Sawyer and have a picnic full of adventure and playfulness?

  • Be creative and have fun in any situation!

Something interesting does not come easily if you wait for it to happen. However, if you have a cheerful mindset with the creative idea of creating something fun and exciting by yourself, you can enjoy yourself under any circumstances. Why not plan for a fun picnic whether outside at the park or inside your house this spring with the food that we offer? We will be waiting for your visit!


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