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One Cup of Menraku Ramen, Please!

Are you looking for the perfect cup ramen to comfort you in these trying times? Look no further because Menraku has got you covered. We currently have seven different varieties of Menraku ramen here at Maido. Choose from classic shio, tonkotsu, shoyu, and miso or one of the chili oil laced spicy seafood, spicy miso, and spicy sesame varieties. Each cup of ramen comes with a powdered seasoning pouch, complete with garnishes and veggies, and a liquid seasoning pouch to replicate the layered, complex flavor of ramen house broths. The liquid pouches are really what makes the Menraku cup ramen stand out. Each one is specifically formulated to reflect the flavor of the variety. The miso flavor comes with actual miso, the shoyu with soy sauce, and the tonkotsu and shio with seasoned oil to really make the flavor authentic.

Preparation is simple: first, open the seasoning packets onto the dry noodles, then add boiling water up to the line. Let stand for 3 minutes, and enjoy! Even with nothing extra added, these cup ramen stand well on their own, but a few simple toppings take it from decent to outstanding. Toss a fried egg, benishoga, and a couple pieces of nori seaweed on any Menraku cup ramen, and you’ll be quickly wondering how you managed to get such tasty ramen in the comfort of your own home, much less from an instant soup. Menraku cup ramen embodies everything we could hope for with an instant soup-- convenience and speed coupled with a superior taste that is sure to keep you coming back for more any day of the week.


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