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Nori-ten Seaweed Chips

Did you know that Maido carries a snack called Norit-en? It is a nori seaweed tempura snack that originated in Onomichi City in Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan. As you can imagine, it is so crunchy and tasty that once you start eating it, you cannot stop. It is great as a snack or as a nibble for drinks. Daiko's nori-ten is made in Japan using domestic nori which is grown naturally in water quality that is a well-balanced mixture of ocean and mountain nutrients. The nori is lightly battered with tempura batter, and deep fried. It is a Japanese style snack with the good smell of seaweed. It comes in three flavors: soy sauce flavor, wasabi flavor, and red chili pepper flavor. Of course it is delicious enough to eat as it is, but this time we would like to introduce recipes using nori-ten.

We introduce recipes with nori-ten without suggesting which flavor you use, as it depends on your preference. If you like spicy food, you can use either wasabi or red chili pepper to have a kick in your dish(es)!


Kimchi + Seafood + Noriten Snack

Kimchi and nori-ten go well together. If you add your favorite seafood protein to it, you can have a meal-like snack that is both filling and nutritious. It is perfect for parties and gatherings as well. Nori-ten has a savory flavor, so you do not have to add any additional flavors to it. Ingredients: Nori-ten to your liking Kimchi to your liking Your favorite seafood (tuna, salmon, octopus, squid etc.) Roasted sesame seeds as you wish Directions: 1. Cut the kimchi and seafood into small pieces and mix them.

2. Put what you made in step 1 on top of the nori-ten chips.

3. Decorate the chips on a plate. Enjoy!

Kimchi,  Frozen Salmon Sashimi,  Frozen Tuna Saku Sashimi


Nori-ten + Scallion's Japanese Pasta

Pasta is a western dish, but it goes surprisingly well with Japanese ingredients and condiments! Making a pasta sauce from the scratch can be so much work, but this pasta can be prepared very easily. The combination of nori, soy sauce, and sesame oil is addictive and very appetizing! Ingredients (1 Serving): 3.5 oz./100 g of Pasta Water to cook pasta 0.5 tsp of salt to cook pasta 3 pieces of nori-ten 3 sprigs of scallions * 1 tbsp of soy sauce * 2 tsp of sesame oil * salt and pepper to your liking Directions:

1. Cook the pasta following the directions of the packaging.

2. While the pasta is cooking, put the nori-ten in a plastic bag and beat them with a stick to crush them.

3. Cut the scallions into small pieces.

4. Mix the condiments starting with a "*" in a large bowl, then mix it with the cooked pasta. Put it on a plate/bowl and sprinkle nori-ten in the center and scallions around the nori-ten. It's ready!

Sesame Oil, Soy Sauce, Salt and Pepper


Nori-ten + Tuna Mayonnaise Onigiri Rice Ball

Onigiri is everyone's favorite at Maido. Tuna mayonnaise onigiri is a very popular flavor among our onigiri, and the umami of the tuna brings out the best of the mayonnaise, making it a perfect match with rice. Many of you must have had it before. Imagine that the tuna mayonnaise onigiri has an additional tempura crunch added to it. That is exactly the kind of onigiri that makes you addicted and you end up eating too much. You can easily make it using the ingredients available at Maido.

Ingredients (3 onigiri):

1 can of canned tuna

1 tbsp of mayonnaise

6 pieces of nori-ten

15 oz./425 g of cooked rice

3 sheets of nori seaweed (cut into appropriate size)


1. In a bowl, add canned tuna, nori-ten that has been crushed in the bag, and mayonnaise, then mix them.

2. Put 1/3 of cooked rice each on plastic wrap. Place 1/3 of the tuna mayonnaise mix from step 1 in the center of the white rice.

3.Wrap in plastic wrap, form into a shape, and roll in nori. It's perfect for your bento lunch box etc.


  • If you've made too much filling, you can put what you made in step 1 in plastic wrap and freeze it.

  • It is more crispy if you eat it right after you make it.


Nori-ten + Tamago Toji Don

We have tendon and tamagodon at our restaurant, but this dish is in between those two dishes! It is called tsuji-don because the ingredients of tendon (nori-ten here) are cooked in egg and placed on top of rice. It's super easy and tasty; you can have tempura without deep-frying it! Everyone from children to adults will be addicted to it.

Ingredients (1 Serving):

5 pieces of nori-ten

*0.4 fl oz./12 ml of mentsuyu (4x concentrated)

*1.6 fl oz./48 ml of water

*1 pinch of ginger

1 egg

A small amount of sesame oil

6.3 oz./180 g of cooked rice


1. Let the ingredients starting with a "*" simmer in a frying pan.

2. Use a spoon to pour a few scoops of broth from step 1 over the rice.

3. Put 3 pieces of nori-ten in the remaining broth.

4. Add the beaten egg, turn off the heat when it is cooked, and put it over rice.

5. Finish with a crumbled piece or two of uncooked nori-ten and a drizzle of sesame oil. It's ready.


  • Sesame oil can be substituted with olive oil or other oils.

  • You can also add chopped scallions and other toppings to your liking.


There is a lot of food items, housewares, stationery, and gifts available at the store and our online store, Maido! Kairashi Shop, where you can place your order for shipping or store pickup! Happy shopping. :)

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