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Meiji Kajyu Fruit Gummies

Updated: Feb 26, 2020

One of Japan’s most loved fruit candies, the Meiji Kajyu Fruit Gummy, is now available here at Maido! We now carry the Kajyu Fruit Gummies in three flavors-- grape, strawberry, and satsuma mandarin orange (also known as mikan). These gummies are made with real fruit juice and pack a serious fruity punch. Each gummy of the grape flavor contains as much fruit juice as an actual grape! Their chewy texture is made possible by the inclusion of collagen into the recipe, and the gummies are made without the addition of food coloring or preservatives. Wonderfully flavorful and deeply fragrant, Kajyu Fruit Gummies are a must-have for fans of fruit candy. Be sure to pick up a pack on your next visit!


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