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Mutenka Ryotei no Aji Miso Paste

New at Maido is Mutenka Ryotei no Aji miso paste by Marukome! Marukome is a world-renowned maker of miso pastes and other fermented foods and has been providing Japan with high quality miso for over 100 years. Marukome’s Mutenka Ryotei no Aji miso is a no-frills, back to basics miso paste. It is completely additive free, containing no preservatives or flavor-enhancing ingredients, relying instead on ingredient quality for the richness of its flavor. Mutenka Ryotei no Aji miso is made only of soybeans, rice koji and salt, with a soybean to rice koji ration of 4 to 1. The result is a delicious, smooth and fragrant white miso paste, perfect for miso soup, miso dressings, marinades and more. Be sure to pick up Mutenka Ryotei no Aji miso paste on your next trip to Maido for groceries and other essentials!

Can’t make it into the store? Maido now offers online grocery shopping with options for curbside pickup and home delivery!*

*Some restrictions may apply.


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