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Mother's Day in the World


Mother's Day is a day to express gratitude to mothers, and in Japan, It is celebrated on the second Sunday of May every year. On Mother's Day, it is customary to give presents and flowers (especially carnations) to your mother to show your gratitude and respect. Of course, it does not have to be an expensive gift, but if you give something heartfelt and that fits your budget, your feelings will be conveyed.


Second Sunday of May, the same as Japan and U.S.A. The flowers given are usually chrysanthemums, not carnations. May is autumn in Australia, which is the time when chrysanthemums bloom, and the word chrysanthemum, which refers to the cute white chrysanthemum flower, has the word mum at the end.


Second Sunday of May, the same as Japan and U.S.A. The flowers that are usually given are miniature roses, but the children also pick a two-flowered plant called valkovocco (Anemone nemorosa) and give it as a gift. Finland was named the most mother-friendly country in the world in the 2014 Mother's Day Report by Save the Children, an international child support organization.


Second Sunday of May, the same as Japan and U.S.A. They hold events where potted azalea flowers are sold in large plazas around the country, with a portion of the proceeds going to cancer research. Therefore, in Italy, it is customary to give azalea flowers to mothers.


Second Sunday of May, the same as Japan and U.S.A. They wish all women, regardless of age, a Happy Mother's Day.

South Korea

A characteristic of Korea is that it is a day to express gratitude to parents - it is not just Mother's Day, but Parents' Day. It is May 8th. Carnations are the most common flower given on Parents' Day.


Mother's Day is a difficult date to remember, three weeks before Easter Sunday. The children receive flowers at church and give them to their mother.


The first Sunday of May. It is celebrated as Women's Day and not just for mothers. Flowers and gifts are given to everyone from little girls to grandmothers.


Usually the last Sunday in May. It's called Fête de Mer (Mother's Day), and instead of traditional gifts such as carnations, mothers should be given something that would make them happy.


Mother's Day is celebrated on August 12, the birthday of Queen Sirikit (2016, Queen Mother). Since the day of her birth was Friday and the color of Friday is light blue, the streets are filled with pictures of the Queen and light blue flags, and people wear light blue clothes. The flower they are giving are not carnations but jasmine.


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