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Moco Moco Mocolet

New at Maido, is Moco Moco Mocolet! A DIY candy along the same lines as Popin Cookin, Moco Moco Mocolet lets you make your very own fizzy soda drink-- in a character shaped like a toilet! Each kit comes with a small toy toilet, stickers for decoration, a straw and two soda powder packets. Use the following instructions to assemble and enjoy your Moco Moco Mocolet! First, assemble the toilet. The pieces fit together easily and intuitively, so this should not be hard. Decorate your toilet with the stickers included to make a character! Second, pour the soda powder packet into the tank, and add two tank lids of water. Within about a minute, the water and the powder should start to foam up in the bowl. Stir with the straw to help the soda foam, and once it completely fills the toilet bowl, enjoy! Bring a little bathroom humor home with you this holiday season, and be sure to pick up a Moco Moco Mocolet on your next trip to Maido for groceries and other essentials!

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