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Miya Tableware

New at Maido are rice bowls by Miya Inc.! Founded in 1947, Miya Inc. is a premier importer and wholesaler of Japanese tableware and gifts on the east coast, working to bring a wide array of both traditional and cute, modern dishes straight to us from Japan. These traditionally sized rice bowls vary from 4.25” to 6.75” in diameter and feature a variety of designs. Classic, blue glazed patterns, heavily textured, traditional salt glazes, and cute, hand painted cats and rabbits grace the faces of these bowls, and are sure to bring a sense of liveliness to your table. The relatively small size makes the bowls perfect for side-dishes, rice, cups of soup, and even ice cream! To top it off, the bowls are all microwave and dishwasher safe, regardless of the pattern or finish, making them a perfect addition for any modern kitchen. Be sure to stop by our tableware section and take a look at our selection of rice bowls on your next trip to Maido for groceries and other essentials!*

*Unfortunately, due to fragility and shipping concerns, our dishware is available for in-store purchase only and is not currently available in our online store.


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