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Matcha KitKats

Matcha kitkats are back at Maido for a limited time! One of our summer season special items, these matcha flavored kitkats are genuine and imported all the way from Japan! As any fan of Japanese culture knows, Japanese kitkats are world renowned for their many exotic flavors and superior taste. Every major city in Japan has its own, special regional kitkat flavor, and certain flavors are only available during specific seasons, or as part of a limited edition release. The results are kitkats that taste like rum raisin, banana, cheese cake, and even soy sauce and baked potato. However, due to copyright restrictions concerning the name of the famous candy, Japanese kitkats are rarely available in the United States for purchase. Every summer we are given a special permit to bring these delicious kitkats all the way across the world so they can be enjoyed here! We currently have two flavors of kitkat to choose from: mini matcha milk kitkats and rich, bold matcha kitkats. We have a limited supply, so make sure to grab yours while they’re around! Pick up some matcha kitkats on your next trip to Maido for groceries and other essentials!

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