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Maido Holiday Gift Guide 2020!

The holidays are approaching and that means gift giving season is upon us! Our gift shop has everything you need to surprise the Japanophile in your life with something that suits their tastes perfectly.

Pasta Markers- A wonderful gift for artists, both professional and skilled amateurs alike will love these smooth drawing, brightly colored archival markers. Available in 5 and 10 color sets, including bright shades for neon-inspired coloring!

Washi Tape- For the crafty person in your household, our washi tapes are the key to spruceing up whatever projects they are working on! We have quality washi tape in a huge array of patterns, designs, colors and even thicknesses that are the decorative addition to scrap books, collages, and paper projects your favorite craftsperson is looking for.

Friends’ Hill Tote Bags- Decorated with limited edition prints of their adorable cat and dog characters, Shibata-san, Taa-san, and Miyake-san in all sorts of predicaments, these high quality cotton tote bags are sure to appeal to lovers of animals and cuteness in general.

Holiday Cards- Got someone far away on your list? Send them one of our hand-crafted greeting cards! Varying from cute and simple, to astonishingly complex and beautiful, our greeting cards are the perfect way to get a special someone into the holiday spirit from a distance!

Scentual Incense- With specially crafted scents curated to create a wonderfully relaxing atmosphere, Scentual Incense makes a wonderful, simple gift. Each incense box contains a complimentary incense holder for ultimate convenience.

Akashiya Watercolor Brush Pen Set- Impress the artist in your life with an Akashiya Watercolor Brush Pen Set! These capped brush pens come in a variety of colors and are ideal for creating watercolors on the go. Available in 5 color sets, these brush pens will breathe life into drawings in the way only watercolors can.

Animal Pillow Plushies- Our pillow-sized animal plushies are back for the holidays! These plushies are impressively soft in both texture and hugability and are cute enough to appeal to plush-lovers of all ages. Choose between an adorable whale shark, bear, cat, nudibranch slug and other fantastic creatures!

Shiny Apple Juice Gift Set- Stun your loved ones with this apple juice gift set! Featuring juices made from heirloom Japanese apples, the Shiny Apple Juice Gift Set gives a taste of Japanese fruit-gifting culture presented in a way that is sure to last through the end of the holiday season!

Bourbon Cookie Tins- Available in chocolate chip and butter cookie varieties, Bourbon Cookie Tins offer the best of Bourbon’s delightful baked goods packaged in a collectible tin. Each tin contains 60 delicious cookies and are a great way to send some holiday cheer to the folks on your list who have to stay distanced this year.

Mind Wave Stickers- Stuff stockings with our sticker collections by Mind Wave! With a huge variety of cute designs to choose from, these sticker packs will bring a splash of color and sense of fun to anything you decorate with them!


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