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Maguro Kuri Manju

New at Maido are Maguro Kuri Manju! Manju are a type of traditional Japanese confection, made from a steamed bun filled with bean paste, and, in this case, a big piece of sweet boiled Japanese chestnut, or kuri. Our Maguro Kuri Manju are big enough to be eaten in two bites and are pleasantly, but lightly sweet. When cut in half, they give off the appearance of a hard-boiled egg-- the white, sweet bean paste surrounding the bright yellow chestnut like a yolk. The chestnut gives the entire bun a slight savoriness and satisfying heft without being cloying or particularly dense. Make a complete Japanese dessert and enjoy Maguro Kuri Manju with a hot cup of matcha green tea, and let the sweetness of the bun contrast with the bitterness of the tea for an experience of wonderful tranquility. Be sure to grab Maguro Kuri Manju on your next trip to Maido for groceries and other essentials!

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