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Kirin Salty Lychee

New at Maido is Salty Lychee Drink by Kirin! With a flavor based on the Thai home cooking tradition of salt-marinated lychee, Kirin Salty Lychee packs a punch of refreshment. Delicious chilled or frozen into a slushie, Salty Lychee combines the delicate sweetness and tanginess of real lychee juice with just a pinch of Okinawan salt. Much like salt on watermelon, the presence of saltiness in this drink causes sweetness of the lychee juice becomes much more pronounced and noticeable to the taste buds. The slight saltiness of Salty Lychee also has the bonus effect of helping stave off dehydration with the salt working to help balance electrolytes in the body. Salty Lychee comes conveniently packaged in a pouch with a closable straw. Reminiscent of the juice boxes and pouches of childhood, Kirin Salty Lychee not only presents itself in a more adult size, but also with the ability to close the pouch and save some for later if desired. Be sure to grab a pouch of Kirin Salty Lychee and beat the heat with a salty, sweet, punch of refreshment on your next trip to Maido for groceries and other essentials.

Can’t make it into the store? For a limited time, Maido is doing online grocery shopping with options for curbside pickup and home delivery!*

*Some restrictions may apply.


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