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Kimino Sparkling Fruit Juice

New at Maido are Kimino Sparkling Fruit Juice! Available in three flavors, ringo apple, mikan orange, and yuzu*, Kimino Sparkling Juice combines fresh fruit juices from select farms in Japan with clean spring water from Japanese mountains to create a drink that is crisp, tart, slightly sweet, and refreshing. Each juice is made with whole-pressed fruit, so a small amount of pulp is present in the bottom, and 100% organic cane sugar for additional sweetness. Because the whole fruit and only minimal sugar is used for each drink, the juice’s natural tartness is readily noticeable, particularly in the mikan and yuzu flavors. The gentle carbonation adds just the right amount of “ahhh” for those moments in the day where you need a little rejuvenation. Be sure to pick up Kimino Sparkling Fruit Juice on your next trip to Maido for groceries and other essentials!

Can’t make it to the store? Maido offers online grocery shopping with options for curbside pickup and home delivery!**

Looking for housewares, stationery, or gifts? Check out our online gift shop!

*Yuzu flavor is temporarily out of stock as of 12/9/2020, but will be back on the shelf soon! You can check here for product availability, or call the store at 484-417-6745.

**Some restrictions may apply.


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