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Kasugai Jelly Gummies

New, at Maido are Jelly Gummies by our favorite maker of Japanese candy, Kasugai! Currently stocked in two flavors, grape and peach, these bite sized fruity candies are a surefire way to satisfy your sweet tooth every time. Gently dusted with crystal sugar, Jelly Gummies have a slightly different texture than a typical kasugai gummy. They are a bit stiffer and less chewy-- somewhat like a jelly bean, but minus the candy shell. This impressive texture is responsive to temperature, meaning that the gummies feel much different when eaten chilled as opposed to room temperature. The fruit flavor is on par with every other Kasugai product-- real fruit juice is accentuated with a hit of sugar to make the taste appear larger than life in all the best ways. Make your tongue swoon and be sure to grab some Kasugai Jelly Gummies from our featured desserts section on your next visit to Maido for authentic Japanese food, groceries and other essentials!

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