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How to Make Your Nabe Even Healthier

Are you looking to eat healthier? If so, we would recommend you to use zakkoku konnyaku noodles for your nabe. They are very healthy gluten-free noodles.

Each serving has only 28 kcal. The base of noodles is made of konnyaku, which is made from the bulb of the konjac plant. It is condensed with 8 kinds of minor grains and 8 kinds of vegetables. Each pack provides the dietary fiber equivalent to 2 heads of lettuce! Insoluble fiber increases the stool volume and stimulates the large intestine, thereby promoting defecation. It also helps to regulate the intestinal environment by providing food for beneficial intestinal bacteria. Foods high in dietary fiber are recommended for weight loss because they are easy to eat and provide a sense of satisfaction, so these zakkoku konnyaku noodles are perfect for a heathy diet.

The noodles are cut at about 7.8"/20 cm for easy eating, and the cross-section of the noodle is formed into a star shape, which gives it a unique smoothness and makes it easy to mix with the soup or sauce. The noodles have been degreased, so they can be used immediately after rinsing. Green is spinach flavor, yellow is pumpkin flavor, and orange is carrot flavor. Ishibashiya is a konnyaku manufacturer that has stubbornly maintained its handmade traditions since its establishment in 1877. In the midst of mechanized mass production, their konnyaku is a masterpiece made by skilled craftsmen using traditional methods. The finished konnyaku is boiled and drained one by one, and the time and effort put into making it is a work of art. Why not try their zakkoku konnyaku noodles in your nabe next time?


  • Make sure to drain the konnyaku noodles well before using them.

  • They cook soon, so put them after you cook hard ingredients for a while.

  • You can put them either from the beginning as a part of the nabe ingredients or at the end instead of shime-no-ramen that we introduced earlier.

  • Compared to other noodles such as ramen noodles and spaghetti, konnyaku noodles are more difficult to blend in with sauces. If you use a thicker soup or sauce, the flavors will be well entwined and the food will taste delicious

  • Rather than eating konnyaku noodles in a simple way such as plain udon, they can be tasty with several different textured ingredients to give them different textures.

You can also make pasta, ramen, and many other dishes with them!


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