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How Do You Celebrate Pocky & Pretz Day?

Pocky has the slogan "Share Happiness! - Sharing is Good." Pocky and Pritz Day is a symbol of it.

It is said that Pocky sells three times as much as usual at convenience stores in November in Japan. Among them, According to the data in 2017, Pocky sales on November 11th totaled about 300 million yen (over 2.6 million USD worth back then) in just one day. Data shows that approximately 1.8 million boxes of Pocky were purchased!

As we introduced today, there are many different kinds of Pocky, Pretz, and Pejoy, and they are not all the same. So, if you eat them with your friends and family, you can enjoy even more varieties than if you eat them alone. Of course, you can still enjoy them all by yourself though!

At first, the promotion was centered in stores, but now it is spreading more widely through the use of social networking services such as Instagram and Twitter. People take pictures and videos and post them on their accounts. If you post your pocky pictures with the hashtag #pocky or #ポッキー (pocky in Japanese), and tag the official pocky accounts (there are USA accounts @pockyusa for both Instagram and Twitter, and Japanese accounts @pocky_jp for Instagram and @PockyJPN for Twitter), they might find your posts and repost them on their accounts to share happiness with all other the pocky fans around the world!


Photo Ideas for Pocky & Pretz Day

You can stand on the pocky!

The pocky box is falling onto you!

Are you strong enough to lift up the giant pocky box?

You can become pocky sticks yourselves!

Even if you manage to walk on the pocky stick, you might be eaten by a giant human!

Don't hit us with pocky sticks!

Some people have made crazy pocky towers.

Cheers with Pocky.

In order to take good picture(s), Glico officially suggested to take a video on your smart phone, then take a screenshot of the best moment(s) later. When you take pictures with friends, family, or significant other, they come out cuter if you look at each other than looking at the camera. Check out their official video for the details!


Pocky Game

Have you ever heard of the Pocky game? It is generally played between two people, and is cute to play for couples. Each of the two participants puts one end of a Pocky in their mouths and begins to eat it. The more they eat, the closer their faces become to each other's. They compete to see how far they can eat the Pocky. In many cases, the players lose if they break the Pocky or take their mouths or eyes off the Pocky. According to a research, about 60% of people in Japan know what the game is about. However, only 20% of them have actually played it. Most of them played it during school trips or at parties after drinking.


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