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Hard Candy is Useful

Do you sometimes have a craving for hard candy, but after you buy a bag and eat a little, you are already satisfied and cannot finish the whole bag? In fact, there are many ways to eat those candies other than eating them as they are. Once you know about the ways, you will definitely want to try them.

A very easy way to use hard candy is to add it to freshly prepared hot tea made with boiling water. If you use a tea bag, simply place the tea bag and candy in a tea cup and pour in hot water. To make tea from tea leaves, simply put the candy in a teacup and pour tea from a teapot into the teacup. You can easily make your favorite flavored tea.

The time required for the candy to dissolve in the tea is approximately 15 minutes for a small candy of 0.4"/1 cm in diameter and 30 minutes for a candy of 1"/2.5 cm in diameter. Taste it slowly as it melts with a spoon.

A single candy is not very sweet, so it is perfect for flavoring. If you are looking for sweetness, add two or more. Black tea goes well with a variety of candy flavors, including lemon, apple, orange, grape, peach, and mint.

Another way is to put candy in milk. This takes more time, but at night, pour the candy into a glass of milk and put it in the refrigerator, where it will dissolve by the following day. In the morning, when you drink it, you can either drink it as it is as cold flavored milk, or heat up the flavored milk in a pot or microwave. Make sure to stir it before drinking or heating up to make the flavor equivalent throughout the glass or cup. Any flavors that go well with milk can be used.

If we can make flavored tea, you can also make flavored coffee, can't we? Popular flavored coffee includes vanilla, caramel, hazelnut, chocolate, cinnamon, ginger, as well as fruits, such as orange and banana. For those who want to add a flavor to their regular coffee, flavored coffee made with hard candy is a great choice. The milk flavored candy that we offer is perfect as well!


(Recipe) Syrup Made of Hard Candy

If you add candy to drinks as described above, you will still have a lot of candy left over if you have a lot of them. Therefore, we recommend making candy syrup because it can be consumed in large quantities at once and can also be easily arranged in other dishes.

The finished product is closer to liquid than jam and less sweet. When used for the drinks like we introduced above, it takes time to dissolve. However, with this syrup, it is ready to use. It is easy to add flavor to anything. The good thing is that it soaks into bread and other doughs and blends easily into drinks.

It is very easy to make, requiring only two ingredients: candy and water. Maybe you can say it requires only one ingredient, at this point.

When you make it in a saucepan, it is best to remember to add three times the amount of water as much as the candy.

In fact, you can make it in a microwave without using a saucepan as well. Ingredients require less water than when made in a small saucepan. Candy 1: water 1 is sufficient, so it is very easy to remember. This method may be better for making small amounts of syrup.

Ingredients (for 1.7 oz./50 g of hard candy):

(Candy 1 : Water 3)

About 7 hard candy

5 fl. oz./150 cc of water

Directions for a saucepan:

1. Place all the candy and water in a small pot and heat up. During the process, the candy will stick to the bottom of the small pot, so make sure to stir to dissolve. Simmer to desired thickness and let cool. (The longer you heat up, the thicker it gets.)

2. It is ready. You can use it soon, or put in a clean jar while it is hot.


You can mix different kinds of hard candy to make your own flavor!


Directions for a microwave:

1. Put the crushed candy and water in a heatproof container/bowl and heat in a 1000 w microwave for about 1 minute to melt it. The key is to crush the candy first because it is hard to dissolve.

2. It is ready. You can use it soon, or put in a clean jar while it is hot.


  • If you do not want to crush the candy, soak the candy in the water for a few hours or hot water for less time. This way, the candy will dissolve naturally and you do not have to crush it.


How to Use Candy Syrup

You can put the candy syrup on ice cream, yogurt, pancakes, toast, drinks etc. Here, we introduce the three recommended things to eat the syrup with.

#1: Carbonated Water

Simply add the desired amount of syrup to carbonated water. Depending on the amount of syrup, you can adjust the flavor from sweet to refreshing. You can also use it for a mixed drink. It gives a little sweetness and a touch of the flavor.

#2: Ice Cream

You can pour it over vanilla ice cream. You will not regret it. The candy syrup is not too sweet, which makes the flavor of the ice cream stand out. Most hard candy's flavor should match the flavor of the vanilla ice cream.

#3: Toast

When the syrup is poured over the bread, it soaks into the dough. Eating it as it is, it is juicy. When toasted afterwards, the toasted bread becomes crispy at the burnt edges, and the inside becomes soft and chewy. The colorful finish of the toasted bread make the children excited to eat it. (The color is pretty light, so it is not instagrammable though!)


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