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Frozen Wagashi

New, at Maido is a fresh selection of traditional Japanese confections, by one of our favorite sweets manufacturers, Imuraya! This new lineup of traditional desserts includes four-piece packs of anko warabimochi, kinako ohagi, and tsuban daifuku. The anko warabimochi, or the blue package, features a delicious and jelly-soft bracken-starch mochi wrapped around a generous filling of extra smooth red bean paste and lightly coated with fragrant kinako soybean powder. Sweetened with brown sugar produced in sunny Okinawa, this anko warabimochi is sweet, light, and perfect for summer. The kinako ohagi, or the yellow package, represents a super convenient take on a seasonal favorite dessert. Typically eaten in the fall around the time of the equinox, ohagi are a special kind of confectionary rice ball named for their resemblance to a type of shrub that flowers during the time they are enjoyed. These kinako ohagi are made from glutinous Japanese rice that has been slightly, but not completely pounded, wrapped around a chunky red bean paste filling, and dusted with a generous coating of fragrant kinako soybean powder. Sweet and slightly savory, kinako ohagi are surprisingly not chewy, instead being moist and somewhat crumbly for a substantial textural departure from most other Japanese desserts. And finally, in the red package, is a classic daifuku. With a chewy rice mochi exterior and premium chunky bean paste filling, these daifuku are just over bite sized, making the four-pack perfect to share with a friend. Give your sweet tooth something new to bite on, and be sure to check our frozen section for these fresh, traditional treats on your next trip to Maido for groceries and other essentials!

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