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Daifukumochi, Have You Heard of It?

Daifukumochi, What Is It?

Mostly known as ‘Daifuku’, Daifukumochi is a glutinous rice cake that’s filled with red bean paste. These sweet chewy treats are also known as “Wagashi”. Wagashi are Japanese confections that are mostly served with green tea. They are usually made from plant based ingredients.

Daifuku translates to “Great Luck” in Japanese. They used to be called "Big Belly Rice cakes". However Fuku means ‘belly’ but also means ‘luck’. Thus becoming known as ‘great luck rice cake’. People even used them as gifts and in ceremonies lending to their popularity. There are a variety of rice cakes but the main ones are white, pale green, and pale pink in color. The filling is a simple red bean paste that’s not too sweet but not bitter.

Almost all daifuku have a light dusting of rice flour or cornstarch on the outside to keep the treats from sticking to each other and your fingers. At Maido we have six different colors of daifuku. You’ll have to be careful when you eat one though because they are so soft you might squish it.

If you’re itching to try a new snack I highly suggest daifuku. It’s small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. Simple yet just the right amount of sweet. Chewy but won't stick to your teeth like taffy. And even though they are small, they’ll fill you up nicely.

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