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Chateraise Tsubu Tsubu Mikan Bar

New at Maido are Chateraise Tsubu Tsubu Mikan popsicles! The brand Chateraise is known in Japan for having over 100 delicious varieties of ice cream, with this amazing popsicle being one of the most popular. These popsicles combine freshly squeezed juice from Satsuma mandarin oranges (renowned for their sweetness) with crisp, clean water from Hakushu to make an utterly delightful, refreshing dessert. The mandarin orange juice used has a high content of pulp which gives these popsicles a slightly different texture than might be expected. Japanese pulp citrus juices, rather than being somewhat fibrous like their American counterparts, contain actual in-tact pieces of fruit. In the case of these popsicles, that means whole mandarin orange pips lie buried inside the popsicle that pop slightly when bitten! In Japanese, the sound that accompanies this is “tsubu tsubu” just like in the name. Recently, Chateraise Tsubu Tsubu Mikan popsicles have gained a new face in Japan as part of a drink called the “Mikan Sour”. Consisting of a tall glass of Kirin beer with one of these popsicles upended into the cup, the Mikan Sour has gained popularity not only in Japan, but Korea as well. Be sure to grab Chateraise Tsubu Tsubu Mikan popsicles, along with other essential groceries and refreshments from Maido today!

Can’t make it to the store? For a limited time, Maido is doing online shopping and grocery delivery!


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