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Character Stationeries are in Stock!

We introduced Back to School stationeries a few weeks ago, but that wasn't it. Now we offer lots of cute character stationeries that make you go awww! Molang items are currently available only at our physical store, but some Ssueim & Cclim items are also available at our online store (Some designs are only available at our online store). So, please check them out as well. :)

Which character is your favorite?

Ssueim & Cclim Ssueim & Cclim items are very affordable, yet cute! In fact, Ssueim & Cclim items are the best-selling character items at our store and online store. The messages on each item such as "I can sleep happily anywhere" are very adorable. Once you see them, you cannot resist getting them! Not a lot of stores offer this series in the United States. In fact, if you look up "Ssueim & Cclim" online, you'll see a lot of our online store's (Maido! Kairashi Shop) listings! They keep making new designs and styles, so we might not receive the exact same items multiple times to offer. Don't miss any of them, when you see something that you like!

These puppies are perfectly cute!

"I Can Sleep Happily Anywhere"

"Life Could be Wonderful If People Would Leave You Alone"

This is what it looks like inside the notebook.

There are non-animal designs as well. Even the drops from the mint ice cream and chocolate chips became characters!

"Whatever Someone Else May Say, I Will Go My Way"

This must be the cutest waffle you've ever seen!

Cotton babies from the cotton tree? One of them says "I'll go my way".

Look of the inside notebook.

These mini note pads are useful to take notes and carry around.

"Wherever I Go, It's My Cozy Bed"

Eat, sleep, play in their dreams.

Even a drawer becomes their bed!

These planners / journals are very useful. The dates are not set, so you can use it whenever! (You can even get it now, and use it next year). Some lazy people who stop using the planner and forget about it for a while can resume it whenever they remember it again!

You can write down your biggest plans and objectives of the year.

You can write down the plans for the month!

This section can be used as more detailed plans, or diary.

Free space for your thoughts, notes, or anything!

More free space.

"I Can Sleep Happily Anywhere"

It looks like the puppy is messing with the laptop. (Look at the screen with multiple windows)!

These notebooks are very light and thin. It fits in your purse easily!

Molang Molang is a heartwarming animation depicting the daily life of Molang, a white rabbit, and Piupiu, a chick. It's currently available on Netflix! They speak an alien-like language that is similar to Animal Crossing and Minions. Molang is characterized by their short, inward-turned ears and their stubby form. The way they walk around with their paws crossed is so cute that you will be definitely captivated by them at first sight.

Molang Pen cases in four different colors and designs are available at the store!

Blue: Orchestra Molang

Yellow: Artist Molang

Light Pink: Hello from Tulips Molang

Pink: Molang Loves Cherries

You will be surprised how many pens and pencils this little pen case can hold! Also, isn't the Cinnamoroll eraser in the photo super pretty?

All the pens, technical pencils, and the erasers are available at the store as well!

Molang scissors are also available in three colors!

Did you find any items that you like? There is a lot more kawaii items, housewares, stationery, and gifts available at the store, and our online store, Maido! Kairashi Shop, where you can place your order for shipping or store pickup!

Maido! also offers online grocery shopping with options for curbside pickup and home delivery!*

*Some restrictions may apply.

Happy shopping. :)

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