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Black Sesame Milk Tea

New, at Maido is Black Sesame Milk Tea! These instant milk tea sachets make a perfect cup of black sesame milk tea in seconds with only hot water! Black sesame milk tea is a popular drink in Asia. Whole, ground black sesame seeds give it a warm, nutty flavor that is just a touch savory. Contrary to its name, this black sesame milk tea doesn’t actually contain any tea leaves, instead relying on the combination of milk and sesame for it’s flavor. The absence of tea means that it does not contain any caffeine, making it ideally suited as a nighttime drink. Curl up under a blanket with your favorite book and a cup of Black Sesame Milk Tea for a cozy, relaxing moment. Be sure to grab a pouch on your next trip to Maido for groceries and other essentials!

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