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Back to School 2023 Part 1

The long but short summer vacation is quickly coming to an end and a new school year is starting or has started already. Have you prepared your new stationery yet? As many of you know, we have a great selection of high quality Japanese stationery at Maido. In this week, we will focus mainly on stationery, but we will also introduce some other goods that may be useful at schools and offices. We hope you will find something you are interested in. You can get all the items at the store, and some items on our online store as well. We can ship all the online store orders within the U.S.A., so you can purchase some items for your kids in different states for college, or your relatives and friends that live far away from you and get them shipped! Or, you can order some items for yourself online for pickup, and come in to the store without spending time to look for them there!


Apica Notebook is the long-selling notebook in Japan that can be used in a variety of situations, regardless of use, generation, or gender. The cover is made of special paper that expresses the color and texture of elegant textiles. B5 is a regular size, and A7 is a mini size. (B5) Things to note:

  • W 7 x H 9.9" | W 179 × H 252 mm

  • 34 pages

  • 6.5 mm ruled x 32 lines | 0.25" ruled x 32 lines

(A7) Things to note:

  • W 2.83 x H 4" | W 72 × H 102 mm

  • 36 pages

  • 6 mm ruled x 13 lines | 0.23" ruled x 13 lines


It is a 5 mm dot ruled notebook. The dots on the ruled lines are spaced at equal intervals, which makes it easy to align the text so that the notebook is easy to write on, and also makes it easy to look back at what you have written. Furthermore, it is more efficient to draw charts and tables by using the dots. The ruled lines are a dark gray color that does not interfere with writing. The cover has a matte surface finish with a thin honeycomb pattern for a subdued design. This is an environmentally friendly product using forest certified paper.

Things to note:

  • H 9.9 x W 7" | H 252 x W 179 mm

  • 0.19" | 5 mm dot ruled

  • 50 Sheets

  • Made in Japan


KOKUYO Campus B5 Notebook - Black is a 5 mm grid notebook for easy drawing of diagrams and tables.

There is a title column at the top. The ruled lines are marked at the top, bottom, left, right, left, and center.

The dark gray ruled lines are bold so that they do not interfere with your writing. This is an environmentally friendly product using forest certified paper.

Things to note:

  • H 252 x W 179 mm | H 9.9 x W 7"

  • 0.19" | 5 mm Grid

  • 40 Sheets

  • Made in Japan


The light blue one is dot ruled, and the blue one is ruled.

These products were produced for beautiful writing! The "sarasara (smooth writing)" type uses the same Kokuyo original base paper as the previous products, which have a proven track record of being easy to write on with a variety of writing instruments.

Things to note:

  • A5: 6.9 x 9.8" | 176 x 250 mm

  • 0.23" | 6 mm dot ruled/ruled

  • 26 holes

  • 36 lines

  • 100 sheets

  • Made in Japan


It is a 6 mm lined notebook for easy drawing of diagrams and tables.

The ring is soft and easy to write on. Cut-off type with micro-perforations for clean separation.

It features a ruled line with dots to support beautiful writing.

Things to note:

  • H 8.27 x W 6" | H 210 x W 154 mm

  • 0.23" | 6 mm Grid

  • 40 Sheets

  • Made in Japan

We'll introduce more items in the next blog post. Stay tuned!


There is a lot of food items, housewares, stationery, and gifts available at the store and our online store, Maido! Kairashi Shop, where you can place your order for shipping or store pickup! Happy shopping. :)


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