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Additive-Free Personal Care Products Part 2

Miyoshi's Additive-Free Soaps

Miyoshi Soap is a soap manufacturer that engages in the entire process from the production of oils and fats to final production under the motto "human-friendly and earth-friendly products". Miyoshi Soap's additive-free soaps are formulated to be gentle on the skin without using any additives. It’s safe for everyone from babies to the elderly, as well as for those with sensitive skin. Their soaps made from only natural ingredients will return to nature as food for microorganisms and small fish even if it is discharged into the ocean or rivers.

White Soap - 3 pieces (left), Foaming Kitchen Hand Wash (middle), Body Wash (right)

White Soap

It's a pure soap made from highly refined, high-grade, food-grade natural oils and fats, and carefully produced in an authentic Japanese bat (kama in Japanese). The rich moisturizing ingredients are gentle to the skin and wash it moistly. It 's safe to use for people with sensitive skin, as well as for babies and the elderly. Oxygen-free film is used for freshness. Freshly made when opened.

Foaming Kitchen Hand Wash

It's a foam-type hand wash that is gentle to the skin and convenient for cooking and water work where hands must be washed repeatedly. The foam rinses off easily for a quick wash in no time, and prevents hand debris. No fragrance or coloring agents are added, so there is no scent transfer to foods, and it's safe to use.

Body Wash

It's a liquid type body wash designed to provide a moist feeling. By blending solid soap ingredients, they aimed to enhance the moisturizing effect and provide a mild wash without removing too much sebum. It is refreshing but not greasy, and smooth to the touch.


Naturie's Hatomugi Skincare Products

Skin Conditioning Milk with a Mini Bottle of Skin Conditioner(left), Skin Conditioning Gel (right), Skin Conditioner (right)

All 3 products have won a lot of awards, but the skin conditioner has been the most popular and well-known product of all in Japan. It's actually been the best-selling toner in the nation. It's won 182 cosmetic awards, and was selected as No.1 toner in Biteki magazine's affordable priced toner contest. Skin Conditioner (Lotion) Replenish moisture The formula is fresh and has excellent permeability, so the more you layer it on, the more rapidly it absorbs into the skin and fills the stratum corneum with moisture. Refreshing feeling Even when applied generously, it doesn't feel sticky or greasy, and is refreshing to the touch. Can be used generously every day The 500ml / 16.9 fl.oz. size can be used sparingly and generously. Skin Conditioning Gel (Serum) Moisture retention It forms a "protective film of water" on the skin surface. Moisture is continually delivered to the stratum corneum, and the skin remains moisturized. Non-sticky, fresh feeling When the gel is applied to the skin, it changes to a liquid state. It has a fresh, non-greasy feel and does not leave a sticky residue. Can be used in large quantities every day The 180 ml / 6 fl.oz. size can be used sparingly and generously. Skin Conditioning Milk (Milky Lotion) Skin feels firmer and more supple The skin stays firmer as it penetrates into the stratum corneum and holds moisture. It also reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles caused by dryness for most people. Smooth and non-greasy feel It's formulated with a smooth oil that has excellent permeability. It doesn't make your skin feel sticky. Can be used generously every day The 230ml 7.77 fl.oz. size can be used sparingly and generously. How to Use Them 1. Apply skin conditioner (lotion). Use the lotion generously at the beginning of your skin care routine. Apply a quantity of quarter coin or a bit more 3 times in layers. When the skin feels cool, it is a sign that the lotion has been fully absorbed. 2. Apply skin conditioning gel (serum). Use a generous amount of the serum after the lotion, about the size of a quarter coin, layered twice. After that, add a layer of milky lotion if desired. 3. Apply skin conditioning milk (milky lotion). Apply an appropriate amount of the milky lotion to your face after lotion or moisturizing gel. *You can use them on your body as well.


Bathclin's Bathclin Marché Bath Powder Bathclin is famous for their bath powder. Bathclin Marché medicated bath powder is made with only naturally derived ingredients. It's additive-free with 100% natural minerals, and the fragrances are from 100% natural essential oils. They want you to use the materials of natural origin in your bathtub to enjoy your bath time, just as you enjoy yourself with your food and clothing to enrich your minds.

Lemon grass (left), ginger + lemon grass (middle), & orange (right)

The Basclin Marche's Commitment

Medicated bathing powder using only naturally derived ingredients

- The fragrance is 100% natural essential oil (fragrance ingredient)

- Additive-free (synthetic fragrance-free, synthetic colorant-free, petroleum-based ingredients-free)

- Active ingredients are 100% natural minerals (dried sodium sulfate)

- It contains certified organic jojoba oil (moisturizing ingredient)

- Naturally derived dyes are used

Environmentally friendly eco-friendly packaging

- Pouch type that can be rolled up into a small piece and discarded

Special spoon

- In addition to measuring (2 spoons for a regular sized bathtub), the spoon can be used to easily close the zipper (1 in the image below), and comes with a hook to hang it over the pouch (2 in the image below).

We have more additive-free personal care products in stock!

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Happy shopping. :)

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