Additive-Free Personal Care Products

We introduced some personal care products the past few weeks. This week, we'll introduce you some of our additive-free personal care products including body care products, face care products, and bath powder. We'll also explain what the additive-free products are, and why they're good for you. Even if you've never thought of choosing additive free products, you might be interested in them after reading this newsletter! :) ***** Cow Brand

Cow brand is committed to being gentle on your skin with their additive-free products. They want you to feel comfortable using their products since the personal care products are what you use every day, and they'd like you to continue to use their products for a long time.

Cow brand's additive-free products are not only additive-free, but also have the same functionality as their regular products. In addition to preservatives and quality stabilizers such as colorants, fragrances, and parabens, no alcohol is used so that even people who have delicate skin can use the product with greater peace of mind. All items are tested for skin allergies, and only formulas that pass the tests are used. (This doesn't mean that all people won't experience allergies).

Body Wash (left) & Foaming Body Wash (left)