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Additive-Free Personal Care Products

We introduced some personal care products the past few weeks. This week, we'll introduce you some of our additive-free personal care products including body care products, face care products, and bath powder. We'll also explain what the additive-free products are, and why they're good for you. Even if you've never thought of choosing additive free products, you might be interested in them after reading this newsletter! :) ***** Cow Brand

Cow brand is committed to being gentle on your skin with their additive-free products. They want you to feel comfortable using their products since the personal care products are what you use every day, and they'd like you to continue to use their products for a long time.

Cow brand's additive-free products are not only additive-free, but also have the same functionality as their regular products. In addition to preservatives and quality stabilizers such as colorants, fragrances, and parabens, no alcohol is used so that even people who have delicate skin can use the product with greater peace of mind. All items are tested for skin allergies, and only formulas that pass the tests are used. (This doesn't mean that all people won't experience allergies).

Body Wash (left) & Foaming Body Wash (left)

Cow Brand additive-free body care series won the No. 1 position in the additive-free body care sales market. Body Wash (left) Exquisite balance It has a perfect balance of naturally derived soap ingredients and naturally derived amino acid-based cleansing ingredients that are gentle to the skin and were used to achieve a smooth, skin-friendly wash while improving foam production. Contains naturally derived ceramide (moisturizing ingredient) It protects the moistness of your skin, which tends to become delicate due to dryness. Better foam with no greasy feeling This body soap is suitable for those who don't like body soap to be somehow greasy on your skin afterwards, because it rinses off the foam better and doesn't leave a greasy residue. Foaming Body Wash (right) Softens frictional irritation when washing with bare hands The foam comes out in a foamy texture, making it ideal for washing with bare hands. The foamy pump is ideal for washing with bare hands. Contains naturally derived ceramide (moisturizing ingredient) It protects the moistness of your skin, which tends to become delicate due to dryness. Adoption of the "Full-foam pump" One push of the pump produces three times as much foam compared to their former pumps. So, you can wash your entire body with fewer (about 4-5) pushes. How to Wash Body 1. Lather generously (Skip the process if you use the forming body wash). Pour an appropriate amount of body wash onto a towel or sponge dampened with warm water and lather well . You can also lather by hand and use your hands to wash. 2. Wash gently. Wrap your skin in the lather and wash it gently. If your skin is delicate or dry, be careful not to scrub your skin too hard. 3. Rinse thoroughly so that no foam remains. Rinse off the foam with plenty of warm water.

Moist Shampoo, Moist Treatment, Silky Shampoo, & Silky Treatment (from the left to right)

Cow Brand additive-free hair care series won the No. 1 position in the additive-free hair care sales market. Silky shampoo was selected as No. 1 shampoo in LDK magazine's family shampoo ingredient test. Their shampoo and treatment can be used on the delicate scalp of small children as well! Shampoo Contains naturally derived amino acid-based cleansing ingredients This mildly acidic shampoo contains an amino acid-based cleansing ingredient made from coconut oil, which is gentle to the scalp. Contains naturally derived conditioning ingredients A veil of moisture envelops each strand of hair, leaving it moist, smooth, and manageable. It can be used as shampoo alone, without any conditioner or treatment. Treatment Naturally derived treatment Ingredients It penetrates to the core of the hair, conditioning it from the inside, leaving it healthy and manageable right to the ends. Contains naturally derived conditioning ingredients It wraps each strand of hair with a veil of moisture, keeping necessary moisture in and making hair shiny. *Each type of shampoo and treatment have slightly different ingredients for the purpose of the usage - to make your hair moist or silky.

How to Wash Hair with Shampoo 1. Brush hair while it's dry. Brush hair to remove tangles before washing. Tangled hair can become even more tangled during the wash, causing damage to the scalp and hair due to excessive force. 2. First, wash hair with lukewarm water. Before shampooing, first thoroughly wet hair and scalp with lukewarm water and lightly rinse off any dirt. By rinsing your hair and scalp with lukewarm water, the shampoo will foam more easily. 3. Wash your scalp rather than your hair. Spread the shampoo over the entire hair, lather well, and massage the scalp. Wash carefully using the tips of your fingers and avoid using your fingernails. If you are concerned about dirt, or if you use hair make-up products, we recommend washing your hair twice. 4. Rinse thoroughly with plenty of hot water. Rinse your scalp and hair thoroughly with plenty of hot water. Cow Brand Additive-Free Shampoo contains conditioning ingredients, so you can wash your hair smooth without conditioner or treatment, but we recommend using a treatment after shampooing if you have long hair or if you are concerned about dryness.

How to Use Treatment 1. Use treatment after shampooing. Rinse shampoo thoroughly before using the treatment. 2. As a finishing touch after shampooing. After rinsing shampoo thoroughly, lightly drain water and apply treatment to entire hair. Focus on damaged areas such as the ends of the hair and rinse. Rinsing immediately is effective enough, but it's even more effective if you leave it longer after rinsing. 3. After towel drying, dry your hair with a hair dryer. Wrap hair in a clean, dry towel and pat dry. Be careful not to scrub your hair as this will damage it. After wiping out the water, dry your hair with a hair dryer. Be careful not to apply too much heat to the hair, as this can cause damage to the hair.

Foaming Face Wash (left), Moist Face Wash (middle), & Milk Cleanser (right)

Milk cleanser won the No. 1 position in the milk cleanser sales market. Moist face wash got the gold award in Esse magazine's beauty product contest! Their face care products contain skin-derived moisturizing ingredients (ceramide, hyaluronic acid, and amino acids) that are essential for the skin's natural moisture. They protect the moisture of delicate skin that tends to dry out. Face Wash Cushion foam protects and cleanses your skin It contains vegetable soap and vegetable amino acid-based cleansing ingredients that cause little irritation to the skin. Dense cushion foam removes sebum and dirt without stressing your skin. *Foam will come out directly from the pump with the foaming face wash. Milk Cleanser Smooth milk gently removes makeup This milk type product is soft and comfortable on the skin, and catches makeup and dirt, removing them without putting extra burden on the skin. It can be used on wet hands and face.

Moist Bath Milk

Naturally derived ceramide leaves skin moist and smooth after bathing It contains naturally derived ceramide, which penetrates to the depths of the stratum corneum to provide moisture, leaving skin moist and smooth after bathing. The simple formula of this low-irritant moisturizing bath milk provides gentle moisturizing care even for delicate skin. *Each bottle has 560ml / 18.9 fl.oz., which is for 14 time uses.

We have more additive-free personal care products in stock!

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